Big guy's and L.E.D. lights for growing

Anyone ever use the Area 51 L.E.D. lights? Also has any of the big growers in Colorado or California ever used them? I figure if the commercial guys are not using them they still must not be worth the money.

I’m sure many have used them when they were first introduced to the market , but if you want a LED light , me personally , and I am no way affiliated or will get paid for sponsoring they product , but yet I purchased one , and the results by far are phenomenal for LED , and that’s Advance Led lights . Many will say they might be over priced , but you will pay for quality , that simple . You will never see a Bentley commercial or Rolls Royce …Why ? Because quality top of the line cost !!!

Thanks, I will check them out. Did you compare to a H.I.D. grow under the same growing conditions? If so what were the results?
Thanks again

LEDs are good for a small grow, especially if heat is a concern. And you can save on your electric bill and achieve similar results easily per square foot.

However, the problem with LEDs is that the big name brands are extremely expensive and for many people, the savings per month on your electric bill does not justify the upfront expense of a name brand unit. I personally do not use name brand units, but I did tons of homework to figure out which off-brand units were worth the money and which were not, also I can build my own or repair my units myself, so the lesser warranty that comes with an off-brand unit also is not as much a concern for me.

I say do the homework. There are too many brands and possible features and differences for me to recommend any off brand. But reviews on the seller’s site might speak for themselves. As for the more mainstream name brands, I’d have to agree, everything I read and learn about Advanced LED makes me feel the most comfortable recommending them, but I just can’t justify the price of their lights, it is quality you are paying for as well as the support and warranty from Advanced, so for many the price might be worth it.

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