Big Growth Spurt and Stretching

Strawberry Cough
Feminized - grown from seed
indoor tent

This is my second grow and all is going so much better thanks to all the great guidance on this site!

I have a a feminized Strawberry Cough, planted from seed in June.
6 weeks at seedling
6 weeks at Veg (24hr/day light) nice healthy 14"
switched to 12/12hr lighting 5 days ago and it has been doing fantastic.

i opened the tent this am to find that it grew THREE INCHES over night. HOLY CRAP, does that happen?

it is 19-1/2" this am and i can see noticeable stretching since yesterday.
last feeding was last Friday
no change in lighting/temp/humidity as i have a pretty automated setup
the light is actually a little close only due to the recent growth, i will be lowering her this weekend (i try to keep all changes to once a week to make it easier to track effects of change.

Just wondering if the stretching seems like it could just be due to the changeover from Veg to Flower, or just due to the growth spurt.

Yes, especially when switching to flowering. This is called “the stretch”. They’ll stretch into about 2 weeks after transition. Sometimes less.

Excellent. thank you for the quick response. not that i was complaining about her getting bigger, but now that i know the stretching is normal i will add it to the log.


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Looking great!

Looks wonderful! Yep the stretch is real! On small plants like that it can be double the plant height.

Lookin good, in my humble opinion :+1: :v: