Big fat Northern Lights buds no trichomes

Thanks for any help. I’m 90 days from Sprout under a 600w viparspectra LED. Been feeding Fox Farm newts at 1100 PPM up until last week. Big fat healthy looking buds where are my trichomes ?.. if I flush the soil would that induce some trichomes growth. I’m grown Northern Lights with for no problem twice in the past Maybe I’m just being impatient…

Any pics of entire plant and buds?
Are they autos or photos or regular?
How long has it been since light flip?


did you spray on anything? there should be trichomes as soon as the bud begins to develop

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Autoflower Northern Lights

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No I did not spray anything.

Still early,some plants don’t start packing on the trichs til later, should start seeing them in a week or 2.

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Oh ya…she’s a lil girl. She’s gonna fatten up and start bringing home the boys soon.

Cool I appreciate your guy’s opinion. I think you’re right.
I just started flushing today and already there are new yellow leaves. Does anybody think that was a bad idea? I usually wait till the trichomes start turning milky then I flush over the next two weeks before they turn Amber…
I’m really starting to learn that each plant is different

Yeah may have been a bit early to start flushing, I wait til my girls look almost done, then give nothing but water for 2 weeks.

I’m choppin’ mine in the morning, 112 days.

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