Big fan leaves...small plant...why?

Hello everyone, I am in need of help trying to find out why I am producing such small plants with huge fan leaves.

This is my third grow, I have had the problem all three times. My previous two grows I thought was because of the nutrients I was using. It was general organics. I have now switched over to jack’s 321 and while I haven’t used any yet because I am in Fox farm ocean Forest, I am having the same problem.

I have three plants two of them are 41 days old. A third that replaced a failed germ seed is a week or two younger. The largest one is 8 in and has 8 in fan leaves. The second one has the same proportions at 5 in tall with 5-in fan leaves.

Tent is 4x2 Mars hydro.
Light is Mars hydro sp3000 with ir and UV.
Humidifier inside the tent that turns off with the light humidity around 60%.
Growing in a basement but I have the plants on foam insulation board to keep them off the cement floor.
Temps 68 to 72 f with lights on 62 with lights off.
Lights are on 18-6 cycle. Lights have been 19 in from tops of plants.
They have been in five gallon rain science grow bags since 11- 16 23 days ago.
4 in AC Infinity for exhaust, I removed the carbon filter until I get to flower and it’s needed fan setting is at 4.
Been watering about every 3 days since transplanting to the 5 gallon, using silica, recharge and tribus on different weeks.


These three plants, like my last grow are all ilgm. The one on the right is blue dream blue haze is in the middle and blue cheese on the left that just barely germed for me.

The Blue dream plant on the right I filmed on December 1st. The others have only received some low stress training. I bought some of those small plastic clips, but my node spacing is so small that I can’t use any of them.

This is a up close pic of the blue Haze plant that I did not fim or top.

I’ve seen @Low and @CooterJuice grow some great looking plants with this so I have no clue what I’m doing wrong here.

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Your light intensity may be too high for the plant to stretch a bit between nodes. I don’t like removing fans unless I have to but sometimes you don’t have a choice. You are also showing a bit of N tox which is not uncommon with OF.


On the Blue dream plant on the right that I fimed I did remove two big fan leaves over the course of the last week.

How much higher would you recommend that I put it? The dimmer is at 50% I should have added. I got these settings from low and cooter juice that have the same light, maybe without the UV and IR though because I know they changed it.

Look into dli, I don’t usually measure in height.


If you can raise your temps I believe that will help your ladies out alot. Cooler temps will cause slower growth. 75°-80°F is idea for veg. Your light intensity and height sounds on par. For this stage in veg I’d aim for 30-40 dli if you have a way to measure it. But if your at 50% dimmer and around 20-24" height with the SP3000 I’d say your close to that


I agree on temps. I have noticed a big difference vegging in 1 set of tents that ride mid 70’s versus my big one that sits on 82 with the large lights. All have strong lighting. Smaller tent area harder to get warm. I just reset all tents and threw flowering girls in the colder tents. 3 days and all the clones and auto exploding.


Thanks everyone for the advise. I downloaded an app on the phone. I’m not sure if it’s allowed to say it’s name here. I’m not sure how accurate it is and I haven’t been able to calibrate it because it’s been raining the last couple days. I have things set to 30 DLI, on the low end to try to get them to reach some.

I have a small heater on order to get the temps up some. For now I have raised the plants up some more to get them further from the ground. I raised the height of the light as well.

I will give them a bit more water next couple times. With the intent to get some of the excessive nitrogen out of the soil. I have jacks on hand when they start to look like they need food.

Thanks again for the advice.

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Names, brands and models are OK to give or recommend. If a product is on Amazon it is OK to even post a direct link to it. Apparently there is some type of agreement in place between Amazon & ILGM. Otherwise direct links to other sites is prohibited.


Here is a vpd chart. Plants love and grow faster when they have the humidity and temp dialed in. I hope it helps.


Thanks for the chart @GreenJewels

I have this chart that I’ve been using that I got somewhere on here.

Your chart has me a bit confused now, because I am on week 14 and yours doesn’t go that far. Do you just stay with the last week that’s on the chart?

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To update on my grow, I added the heater and that helped, but when I give the plants a flush of the ocean Forest newts that were already in the soil and started using the jack 321 I noticed a huge difference.

Right now I am in day 26th of flower. I have three plants couldn’t be more different. On the left is a blue cheese that barely sprouted after the previous seed didn’t even germ so it was a couple weeks behind my other two plants. Middle is a blue haze plant. On the right is a blue dream that has lived up to be the stretch monster that others have experienced here.

Because two out of the three plants were a bit on the smaller I tried to let all three bit week or two longer. That has come to bite me because now my blue dream is only 14 inches away from the LED. The light is as high as it can go I removed the rope ratchets and hung it directly on the crossbar. How can close can I get with the Mars hydro SP 3000? Should I just go ahead and super crop?

Yes, I do. I think staying in a good vpd range during the seedling and veg stage is important. Flower too bit not as much. Right now with the dry winter, my flower tent is actually too low rh at 33% and my temp at 75f I’m teetering in the danger zone :roll_eyes: :smile: oh and yes you could super crop the Blue Dream if she’s getting too tall. Idk about your lights so I can’t answer that. ? :v::green_heart:

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So what do you think are the lowest temps you can get away with in flower? Both lights on and when the lights are off? The small Honeywell heater that I bought I ran constantly around 72° but it shot my electricity bill up from 630 units to 1,000 :anguished:
I was expecting by now to be running the dehumidifier to add some warmth, but just like you the humidity too low.

And if I understand correctly you’re supposed to have some temperature difference from lights on to lights off?

My 4x2 tent is inside a small room that is 5 1/2 ft wide by 7 1/2 ft long and 7 ft tall, so I’m not heating up the whole basement. For now until they start to smell I am just exhausting the air here into the basement to not lose the heat. I was concerned that my CO2 levels were off but I bought a monitor and they’re actually high.

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@Low I know you’re a basement guy with the same size tent and light what do you suggest?

@CooterJuice what do you think?

Thanks guys!

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BSC and alien are both in flower. My temps often drop to mid 60s

As for lighting I run an sp3000 in one tent, 2 sp3000s in another dimmed for amazing coverage, and 350r in another. Each paired with uva. Idk if this helps.


Oh and my other problem is that I just got a new phone. I had to trade in the old one and my light meter apps are reading way different.

I have both ppfd meter and photon one reads like 20 DLI and the other about 50. I tried to calibrate this at my local hydro store but I’m still getting different readings with the two?