Big fan leaves on auto flower

should I cut the big fan leaves off or let them die off

Let them die. You could cut them when 80% or more of the leaf is dead, but i wouldnt any earlier. When the leaf is pretty close to completely dead, I’ll gently pull on it. When it wants to just basically fall of in my hand is when I’ll remove it. I try to never let a leaf fall on it’s own. If left unnoticed, it can be a prime place for bad things to occur, like fungus and such. As a leaf dies, it is still producing energy for the buds; and we all want bigger buds, don’t we?


so you say that her buds will keep growing tell they die off naturally the fan leaves ? I was advised to just lollipop her but I am thinking this mite stun or shock her. seeing she is autoflower with a short life span I don’t want to slow down budding time

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Autoflower? You do not top, lollipop, or do any leaf stripping with an autoflower. You do not even transplant an autoflower. They dont live long enough to recover [I] and [/I] produce a healthy heavy harvest. It will recover and will flower but the yield will be diminished drastically.


I toped her after the 4th node b 4 I new better. she came back strong but flowers are small is that due to toping are will buds get bigger as fan leaves die off and get closer to harvest

Live and learn. I agree with nto removing fan leaves. They are the heart and Lungs of the plant. :slight_smile:


I hear different opinions on this. I read in one of the grow weed easy tutorials by the “defoliator” that it makes bigger buds cos they get more light?? I’m not talking auto flower either just normal seeds.

Removing Fan leaves do not accelerate growth. Every time you stress the plant it concentrates on fixing itself and not growing bigger buds!


It’s in one of the tutorials I got from this site… A link to it anywyaz.

You’re talking about Photos. The question was about pruning Autos. Totally different.

hope will be 9 weeks on sunday still no cryctals what did I do wrong with her

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poeple top, supercrop, lst autos all the time


So you never supercrop autos just females. And we’re are leaves located top or bottom.

@irma1010 Autos can be feminized, female, or male, just like photoperiod plants.

Photoperiod plants require 12/12 to bloom. Autos don’t.

I wouldn’t recommend doing much high stress training to an auto (unless you know the strain/grow timeline), but you can go to town on a photoperiod plant.

Photo plants are same as female or male. Not autos right

This is false and you couldn’t be more wrong. Defoliating is used by many world class growers and I personally have 6 grow journals to prove that defoliating plants once per month 3 times per cycle does not hurt yeilds but increases them as well as resins and bud production. I defoliate in flower as.well. I’m growing buds. Not leaves. Lollipopping also focuses all of a plants energy on the top buds.
Stress makes a plant send growth hormones to other parts of the plant when it feels its in danger.
This is science. Did you know any leaf not just fan leaves create photosynthesis. If light can’t get down to certain parts of the plant the buds with the lowest light grow scraggly and thin. Leaving huge fan leaves on will not fix this.

I also won plant of the month and am in second place for plant of the year on 420 magazine for a plant i defoliated, and I mean stripped from top to bottom. It was almost bare.
So let’s keep opinions as opinions and not as facts. This is how miss infrmation is given to novice growers and its a dangerous thing.


Please stop spreading lies. Fiming or toppi g an autoflower will help it produce huge side colas instead of one mai Cola prone to mold. You have to FIM before it starts producing pistils.
There are many grow journals on 420 magazine that quadline and top and fin autoflowers.and pull between 100 and 500 grams off of one autoflowrr.

Please stop spreading lies and misinformation.

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