Big enough to transplant

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“When grown seedlings are big enough to transplant to the final growing spot in the ground can you plant a good part of the stem under the dirt like you would a tomato plant? Will the stem then grow new roots out from it?”

You can definitely bury some of the stem. As for the roots question, I would think so but I’ve never dug around one to specifically check. Often people bury the stem if there was stretching as a seedling.

Roots may grow on a stem that is buried, especially if there is a node at the bottom.

I do not recommend burying stem too deep. it may work, but it may cause stem rot, and then you are done. Although we grow MMJ much like a Tomato; It is not a Tomato. LOL :slight_smile:
Happy growing

I’ve planted some seedlings with the stock burried deeper without any issues. If I remember correctly new roots will grow out of the stock that is burried. It is helpful if your seedlings stretched.

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