Big dollar aquarium lights

I have a couple high end LED’s I used for growing coral in saltwater aquariums. They are fully programmable and rated at 149 watts. They should be great for this application right? Suggested settings? Thenks

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Do u have a link to amazon with the exact light?

Assuming they’re the proper spectrum, 149w ea isn’t a tremendous amount of light. Together they might be enough to grow one med sized plant, (about 6sq ft footprint).

A link or pic of the light would help us give you better information.

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I’m not positive but I think I read somewhere that those lights have more of a blue spectrum. probably be good for veg but not flower


I raised corals, most of my Lights were 10-20k spectrum.

A good all around grow light is 3-4K. Higher the number, the more blue. So, I don’t think they are good.


You can probably use them, but issues that the others pointed out probably making your lights less ideal for growing cannabis.


Hey…there’s one way to find out!! Give it a whirl and if they stay 4"s then buy some cfl’s to get you through. Then you’ll have some $$ to invest in something AND you’ll already have your fingers wet. By this time you will have either caught the grow bug and want to pursue it or dump the idea and try shrooms!! LoL

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I am pretty sure I have the same “big dollar” 149 w lights on my reef. They are radions. $800 each. Since the spectrum is so far off, I sold a couple extra I had and bought a big double ceramic metal halide light. I’m sure it was the right decision!