Big Dilemma need advice

My plant is producing big buds and i have maybe 3 solid weeks to go till harvest. Now the Dilemma, i keep my 5x5x80” tent in my basement, somehow i lucked out and have the perfect temp and humidity thru out the grow, this being my 1st one. So my home owners insurance says i need to have my furnace cleaned and serviced and inspected by a licensed plumber, do you see where im going with this? My wife wants me to take down the tent and move it to the spare bedroom and move it back down after the service Call. Im afraid to move my plants out of fear of damaging them. Can someone tell me what i should or should not do, the wife is getting on my case about it, she dont care about the grow just this thing!!


You’ll be fine for a quick inspection. They are hardy plants. Mine are outside and it’s been 100 the past few days

Too bad the wife is already involved.
My advice would be to stall with the Ins. Co. for at least a month, or until harvest.
Seems you already have a policy, when does it expire?
How much does a Licensed plumber charge to do this inspection, I’d guess $250 or more?
Tell them you don’t have the $ to hire a licensed plumber right now, blame COVID if necessary!
While your current policy remains in effect, shop for a new Ins. Co. who will issue a new policy without an inspection.
Even if the new policy is more than your current policy but less than the inspection cost, go with that.
I hate how Ins. Cos. think they can dictate requirements to us and think we have no recourse! :sunglasses:


you are not the first to have this come up. If you can’t put off the inspection until after harvest, can you hang a tarp or something to conceal it. Maybe have a paint can laying around and say the area is used for painting or refinishing stuff. If you have to move it, make sure to support the whole plant and specially the cola. Don’t want to break it off now. Good luck. If it were my wife she would tell the insurance company no one is coming in the house until this covid passes or gets under control. At the very min. needs mask and card verifying vaccination. That is, good reason for delay


Ide agree.
Also a plumber is not who you want inspecting your furnace Hahaha you want an HVAC tradesman, don’t get screwed make sure you have a licensed HVAC tradesman they all carry their wallet card with them ask to see it.
Otherwise they are over charging you with some unlicensed monkey.

If it was me I wouldn’t even worry about it just let them come in and do their job they won’t say anything but if your worried abiut it take the tent down and just forget the tent and move it.

I agree with @beardless as well. Turn your fan and your lights off when they show up and have it camouflaged. Or dround out the noise with something else like a big box fan or play some music and make it look like it’s your place you chill and do computer stuff or whatever your hobby is.


Hey all thanx for the advice, i told her earlier that ill go with advice from the forum, if people say dont move it, well then im not movin it! Im gonna tell her to go ahead with the covid excuse!! Thanx again guys!

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I wouldn’t move them. If you’re in a legal state who cares. If not then ask friends or people you know if they know a plumber or hvac guy that is cool w weed. Get him to do the inspection