Big differents grow whid air dome in soil


does not work to run hydro with the water i have why?

fills a dwc bucket with nutrition and ph-down 5.5 after 24 hours, it is up to 6.2 after 12 hours to 6.9 in PH and further up.

do not know why, but know that I cannot bear to fix every day with ph-down.

if I grow in soil, the same water works without problems, changes nothing with reached ph-down or up, pours in nutrients in a 20L can and water and the cane lasts for 7 days the flower is green and grows nicely, but not in hydro.

now my question if anyone knows how to grow plain 20L pot soil VS 20L soil pot with airstone during playing bullets over soil.

which one gives the most harvest ??

grateful for answers.

I meen air dome not airstone.

I gotcha, updated ur title :+1::+1:

What is you nute regimen you are using?

pH will drift
Depending on your nutes you may have to add a buffer
What problem are you having exactly


Nute? Is that nutriens i have hesi and raw powder.

If i pick water from creek. Not so heavy problems whid PH going up fast but it Will sloly.

Bubbelkush…Did you get the drifting ph figured out?

No maan same problem so i go no hydro more,to mutch job every day fix the PH.