Big difference between plants

2 have dense bids the other 2 have no density at all

Are they different strains? Are they getting different lighting? Maybe they are a week or 2 apart in age? Those are the biggest reasons I can think for the difference.

All things being equal, sometimes you get genetic differences between the same types even when given the same environment.


There both are the same age and received the same .treatment.I have to older ones that did the same thing.I thought it was something I did. I just don’t what’s happening.Ill post pics of them

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No 2 plants are going to be exactly the same. The closest that you could come close with is clones. Even the same seeds from the same batch of the same strain will not produce identical plants. In the same aspect as no 2 siblings from the same parent are identical. Even so called identical twins will have some differences. I hope this helps :v:


Is there anything I can do to fatten them up.Heres pics of the older ones

Took a coupe more pics


They are probably gonna just take longer to reach the same stage as the others. Some mature faster than others. I think that they will fatten up, just gonna take a little longer. :v:


Thank u

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i agree… some just move along slower than others…same strain or not… they will come around…

Time and feeding will fatten them up.
Before and After…About a month apart


That’s amazing