Big buds taste harsh but small buds taste fine?

Hey guys. I was wondering if someone could help me out with this post-harvest question. I harvested my crop back on the 24th of October and they have been curing for 3 weeks now. Up Until this point, I have been sampling the small popcorn nugs just to get through until my tops are ready. The plant was flushed and had a runoff in the 400s when I chopped it and my question is, why do my smaller buds taste good but the bigger ones are harsh and burn my throat?? Thank you for all the help in advance!

Sounds like there may still be moisture in the larger buds. Are they jarred? What’s the humidity? How long have they cured?


Hey man… yes they have been Jarred for 3 weeks, going on 4 weeks this coming Saturday. Not sure of the humidity because I don’t have hygrometers. After curing for two weeks I did put Boveda 62% packs in the jars for about three days until I notice the smell was starting to go away so I removed the packs. I will say, when I squeeze the large buds, they don’t bounce back but instead they compress… is this normal at 3 week curing?

I avoid using Boveda packs until the cure is complete. My first effort resulted in odd aromas from the buds when I used them too early.

I strongly recommend hygrometers in your cure containers.


Yeah man I think you’re right on that one. The info on these packs is very scarce online but I noticed after using them, I was getting a weird aroma. Definitely a learning experience! I will utilize hygrometers on my next run, just don’t see a point in getting them this far into the Cure unless you think it’ll make a difference now??

In my opinion, without hygrometers in your curing containers, you are flying blind. Who knows what is going on in there?



You need hygrometers to stabilize the humidity in the jars and know when to burp. Onc eits stable at 59-62 % you can toss a humidity pack in and start your cure. Then 3 weeks minimum in my opinion from there.


@merlin44 Is correct. Do not cure with a humidity pack in the jars.


Hey thanks for all the feedback guys. Im definitely picking up some hygrometers for my next Harvest… I was wondering, should my nugs compres when I squeeze them after curing for 3 weeks?? I mean, most of the large nugs are hard and dense and when you go to squeeze it, they have little to no bounce back.

Um I don’t squeeze my buds because everytime you touch the buds you take of tricombs.

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