-Big Budd. Growing in Miracle Grow soil inside



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Hi, this is Mike Beaver. Just providing you with more info on my growing problem. I contacted you earlier this week. Like I said, 6 weeks and the plants are only about 2 inches tall and look generally unhealthy.
-Big Budd. Growing in Miracle Grow soil inside. Just started using Miracle Grow fertilizer (only used once)…one tsp diluted in 2 gallons water. Using total 5800 lumen fluorescent lights. Indirect air from fan. Temp is 68-72 degrees at all times. No vent system, haven’t checked ph or CO2. Will use a humidifier on occasion. Humidity is about 30%–very dry.


The 2 things that jump out at me is you don’t know pH. That could cause your issue also a lot of people say not to use miracle grow soil. I believe it is too hot of soil or something to do with time release fertilizer. Just one mans opinion.


Miracle grow has time released nutrients which isnt particularly good for cannabis. Fertilizer ive got no clue, only that the fertilizer is super hot & very easy to kill houseplants(i know as before coming here i was the killer). General Hydro nutes are inexpensive & very easy to use. Of course there always the cadillacs of nutes, Remo, but i cant afford them. I personally use nectar of gods.


I wouldn’t get near those with miracle grow fertilizer. That stuff can burn a plant up quick .


When i started my growing i bought an “all inclusive tent” everything id need for a successful grow. Now im LMAO! Miracle grow was included. 3gall smart pots, ect. Had some out door plants so decided to feed. Well i killed all of them! Thankfully i found forum, used GH harvested 14oz.


I agree with everyone else. Need to check pH and get them out of the miracle grow soil. I would flush them with pH 6.5 water. Amount of water should be 3x the capacity of the pots they are in. Then put them in a cannabis friendly soil like Fox Farm or Promix. I use Promix so am partial to that soil. Some use Coco as well. I’m a noob has well. On my fourth grow and have learned everything from the great knowledgeable people on this forum.


In general the others have given good advice or suggestions
Whats the NPK ratio of tne nutrients
Also the soil is hot meaning it has time release nutrients in it already i would stop feeding and just use wayer ph’d to 6.3 -6.8
Can you provide more info on lights as well
How many watts and color spectrum would be helpful
You want something in the 4100 k range for veg
Hiw close is light ?
Your temps are a little low for seedlings and humidity is very low for them
Recommend you run humidifier and yry to get levels up if possible raising temperatures would also help
A small fan that cause leaves to moves slightly would als be useful
Are you in a tent?


Well no tent. I replanted in regular topsoil to reduce nutrient load. Fan always is on them. Dehumidifier on occasion. My lights are 6000 lumens…don’t know the conversion to wattage. About 10" from plants. Let me mention, they are only 2-3 inches tall after 2 mos. They look healthy now, but still small. Will they recover?