Big Bud Grow Journal



Stripped of the big leaves and ready for 36hrs of darkness.


The end is NIGH!!! :joy::joy:


It’s been a Labour of love. Could probably stand another week but needs must :grinning:


I know the feeling. Someone said earlier ‘its almost a shame to cut them’ couple hrs later had a mountain of weed on a scale and no regrets :joy::joy::joy:


And got another batch of seeds waiting to go!


Im down to my last 4. But have like 12 clones (only 2 rootd so far) and ITCHIN to order my second crew. I’ll probably drop these 4 when i send off for my driver for second light… which i really should be doing now


Wrapped a couple of nuggins in some tissue paper, sat on top of my xbox fan for an hour. Nice and dry and smokeable!


How she taste?


It’ll be better when it’s been dried and cured but it does the job. Not terribly harsh considering.