Big Bud Grow Journal


Just put 5 Big Bud down a couple of days ago.

Three fully popped up, 1 just started and the other just barely visible.


Hope u dont mind. Ill be watching this one for sure. Love how big bud gets huge :joy:. Wait til a bit after 30 days


No problem, not planning anything fancy, just a bit of a FIM and LST. Second go at these, the recent heat destroyed my seedlings from the off.

Hopefully the weather’s broken, these ones seem to be doing fine, early doors.


Well good luck. N keep ya eyes on em


As of this morning, a very proud father of five!
Now the hard work begins…


Congrat! Always good when they all show up to the party



Couple of days and those girls coming on up and out


Very happy so far. Two will need repotting but no problems atm.

Might just leave them to grow nature’s way. Free replacements came today for the ones that failed, too! Nice one, Sensi.



Might be hexing myself, but have a good feeling about these.


Not a hex at all. They are looking great. Also. I see on the bigger girl u water at the stem. Spread the water around the outside of the pot. Force the roots to spread out n feel the moisture.


Yup, just letting them bed in this first week then putting them on proper watering.


All now in their big pots.



Apologies for the quality, lights were on.

But looking lovely.


I assume that rhese will be ok to flip on 30 days?


How many days are u currently at? And im pretty sure the top one is about there now. Just wont be an AMAZING yielder.

Actually the 4 in the most recent post all look good. Especially the topped one :+1:t5:


Not topped any!

These are 18 days. Looking for that sweet spot between loads of weed and least time. Smoking stalks atm lol


Well she looks even better then :joy::joy: :thinking::thinking: id give them until 30 then check back. Dont wanna flip and they arent ready for it. 18 days from seed or 18 from seedlings? Some count it differently