Big bud grow - early flowering

Hi everyone. First post and first grow so I’ve got a lot to learn still.

Started my seeds on Valentine’s Day this year (now I know that’s way to damn early, better luck next year) and just transitioned them to outdoor on may 7. They went from a 16/8 cycle down to about a 14.5/9.5 before they went out. When I put them out I found on an app that the sun cycle on may 7 was about 13 hours sunlight/11 hours nighttime. My plants have started to bud.

Now, two are in smart pots so I can bring them back indoors to supplement light, but the other two are in the ground.

My main concerns are, if the buds get too big, will the plant ever re-veg outdoors? Can they re-veg on their own as the days get longer? Should I just pump them full of phosphorus and put them in the shade and get an early harvest?

Any advice is appreciated.

Pictures attached of one of my ladies to show progression of budding.

They are flowering as a shock response to the huge environmental change they are going through. If your daylight hours are getting longer they will continue to grow and flower at the same time until it is the normal time for them to flower then the buds will thicken dramatically. By all means take the potted plants indoors to supplement the light cycle and keep them in veg until you would normally place them outdoors. Dont harvest your plants in the ground now, wait and see what happens you might be very surprised.


Thank you, I’ll supplement my potted plants for now, but for the in-ground plants should I keep dosing high nitrogen for now? Or should I start giving them phosphorous since they’re in flower?

stick with the veg nutrients until such time as normal flowering would begin