Big Bud grow care

I have Big Bud seedlings. They are 10 days old but seem weak when I water them. I have them in a home made nursery with a heating pad and Small LED. I have them on a 16/8 schedule.

Bump your lights up to 24 hours of light. And you don’t have to water seedlings. Just make sure soil is somewhat moist. You can drown them easily. What is the room temperature? You probably don’t need the heating pad

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So you have them under a humidity dome?

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Not now but I did for the first week. Now I have a humidifier in the room. Do you think that is okay?

After 10 days you should be ok without the dome.
They should be rooted quite deep by now.
Can you post a photo?

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This is the best one so far.

Here is the nursery set up with stuff I had around the house without using a grow tent setup-Too expensive for growing medical marijuana on a. Budget.

Take a look at the pics I uploaded

I see a humidifier nearby so I think no dome is ok.
A fan gently blowing might help strengthen the stems…but gently…not tornado strong.
Budget is ok…we all start somewhere.
pH meter is a must…
I would recommend a thermometer / humidity meter too.
Your profile says St. Louis…My wife and I are near Springfield.

Thanks for info.i am a person with a disability so I can grow my own medication.
This is second start. I killed the first seedlings growing in jiffy pots. So, now i grow in worm castings and perlite and coco coir. I water with worm casting tea. It has a natural 7 ph. I monitor ph moisture and light but not humidity or temperature.
I have not lived in st. Lous for 45 years. I actually live in Jefferson county, Desoto MO. I live in a lake community kind of rural are. No neighbors too close.

Nice to see Missourians who grow on this form.
Springfield is famous for Brad Pitt. Heard it is a nice family atmosphere.

Brads brother worked for a copy machine company in town, he was quite popular when called out for service calls…Lol. John Goodman and Bob Barker from Springfield too.
My Uncle went to school with Bob.
I grow for my wife who is disabled as well. All legal.
We waited until we could afford quality lights, tent and so on. Instead of buying something cheap and replacing it later. If nothing else invest in good lighting. It makes a Big difference.

Thank God it is finally legal!
I have been disabled for 10 years now and had to start smoking again at 50 and totally illegal. I was always afraid of being caught with a stage 1 narcotic. Jail time at 50.
My husband bought me pot from his high school friends. None were criminals, just old guys trying to get along just like you.
My husband is an electrician and brought me a MH 400 light.
Using an extra bedroom.
Where do you grow? Do you have pics? Love to see them

I need a more recent photo, this was about a month ago.
Girl scout cookies auto on left, blueberry auto on right.

Yes I do

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