Big bud feminized (DWC)


I would suggest black lines as opposed to the clear ones


Yep the clear will give you alge issuses get black air lines



What’s up with the paper plates? Inquiring minds want to know


Cuts out more light from getting to the roots


Customized my scrogg net to fit in this setup I think it looks great a little small but I’ll make it work. I’ve decided to keep two plants instead of going with four. I’ll get this one grow under my belt here in this setup then I’ll go for it next time.

Currently have 1 mother plant I’m just going to grow out and I’ve also go a clone off her in the next bucket.

Personal goal - 1.5 lbs.

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Allot of training going on I’ve decided to grow out the mother plant I’ve just ordered some sourD so I’ll be running four full plants in a couple months.


Any new pics? I just read your last grow and followed the link to this one. I’m about to build a dwc system, so I’m watching your current grow like a hawk! Nice setup.


Hopefully a simple question for you. If plant yellows because of pH being off and you get a nutes lockout, does immediately correcting the pH fix your problem, or is there some other corrective action needed?


@ElmoMan ok to answer your question in hydro the leaves if The leaves could recover normally they don’t and no nothing is instant you won’t be able to tell if what you did is helping till you see new growth lockouts normally get fixed with a water change and not adding nuits for say 3 days also know as a mini flush it lets the water clear out the salts now when you do that is when u add the cal mag or what ever your lock out was also ph must be kept in ck or they will never recover that’s the hardest part for most in hydro is the ph


I think I read somewhere that you make wax from your plants? I’m curious to what method you use! I was thinking on buying a rosin tech press.


When I do , I either do bho or dry ice sivv… :wink:


@BigDaddyCain is correct @ElmoMan it’ll probably be a few days but nothing to fear if you’ve already solved the issue. Just watch that new growth and be patient.


I’ve recently found out I’m moving to California in roughly four months so I’ve switched this tiny thing into flowering. Got just enough time to harvest and cure before I leave. I’ll pull 3 maybe 4 ounces but we’ll see!

Here’s a pic this morning lights just flipped on


I was thinking bho since I’m all about yield, but its sketchy when it comes to heating the butane out of the finished product. Any solutions to get around it, I thought about continuously adding boiling water from another source but I’ve yet to have the opportunity to try that theory out myself.


I use warm water not boiling but warm


I blast into a small espresso machine coffee pot. Take it outside and place in bowl of water I nuke for 3 minutes. Butane will boil off in 5 minutes. Done.


I blow it into a big glass measuring cup that’s sitting in a bowl of ice water so that I have time to blow all of my tubes , then I take the measuring cup and put it into a bowl of hot water and just keep swapping it out when the bubbling starts to slow down… and I do all of this in my garage with the door open and a fan that moves the air around and out… :wink:



Awesome, so I think I’ll definitely do bho, would you say you guys get a 20% yield? Or does it depend on the strain. I’m obviously growing big bud at the moment but I’ve just received my sour diesel in the mail for my next grow outside. Heard wonderful things about making bho out of sour diesel!



You can get nute lockout and block the uptake of water even if your ph is correct. You may have some build up around your roots preventing the uptake which will cause yellowing and a host of complex symptoms. It can look like calmag issues phosphorus potassium etc issues and can even fool the plant into thinking it doesn’t need water while it’s burning up. Usually this is a result of alkaline ( mineral salts etc) build up or lack thereof. Adjusting ph without knowing your water source and how it’s treated can lead to all sorts of issues with alkalinity which is NOT ph