Big bud feminized (DWC)


I would suggest black lines as opposed to the clear ones


Yep the clear will give you alge issuses get black air lines



What’s up with the paper plates? Inquiring minds want to know


Cuts out more light from getting to the roots


Customized my scrogg net to fit in this setup I think it looks great a little small but I’ll make it work. I’ve decided to keep two plants instead of going with four. I’ll get this one grow under my belt here in this setup then I’ll go for it next time.

Currently have 1 mother plant I’m just going to grow out and I’ve also go a clone off her in the next bucket.

Personal goal - 1.5 lbs.

Uploading: SavedImage_20181109_073050_30.jpg… Uploading: SavedImage_20181109_073050_12.jpg… Uploading: 20181109_073050_Burst28.jpg…


Everything is going smooth, changing all 25 gallons tonight after water sits for roughly 12 hours and de-chlorinates.