Big Bud, Blue Dream, California Dream - Seedling 12-day time lapse

I only had enough room for Chocolope, Amnesia Haze and Skywalker for my first seed grow. Now that they are ready for harvest, I’ve started the remaining 3 I got with my first seed pack: Big Bud, Blue Dream and California Dream. Here is a time lapse of those 3 for the first 12 days prior to transplant to pots (yesterday). Started time-lapse again yesterday to catch the next phase. So cool to see how these babies live, move and grow !!! 12-day timelapse - 3.26 thru 04.07.2019


Looks like they are flying!!!

@growguy420 What camera did you use?

Very nice. I second the question of which camera did you use?

Looking good - which is which left to right?

This is the camera I used: Brinno BCC200

Left to right is: Big Bud, Blue Dream (this one looks like it’s flying), California Dream


Thank you!

@growguy420, I have a question about “California Dream”.
Are you growing indoor? How tall does it get? I can’t grow outside and my tent’s height is only 7’ and after allowing 1’ for lights, etc., I only have about 6’ usable space for the plants.

I just tested my first ILGM California Dream crop last week and it tested at 28.5% THC. Grown hydro. Pretty impressed!


Wow, solid number.