Big Bud autos, bugs, and panic

Hey guys I have 6 big bud autos in a 4x4 tent with a 600 watt LED light. After 4 days I had my first one sprout, my soil medium is local and not very sure what its composed of but its light and air’y. So i had one seed sprout earlier today, probably been around 6hrs now. im pretty worried because it looks like one side of the sproutling has a small bite of some sort. I saw a really tiny bug, im not sure what it was - now its gone. any kind of help with this would be greatly appreciated. (i read somewhere online that diluted hydro peroxide would be a good preventive?)

also, would it be smart to keep the lights on 24/7? ive been using the blue spectrum option of the LED im using… the current temp inside the tent is floating between 30-31c - is that too hot or just fine?

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@MarijuanaEngineer pick up some food grade de and a duster and get the soil dusted with it
It definitely looks like that bug you saw was having lunch and my guess will be back with friends
Been oil work also once your plants get bigger
Good luck
@garrigan62 has a few home made recipes to control buds as well
Good luck :+1:
Happy growing
Ps your looking to maintain around 25c or 78f in tent
But they will grow at 30c as well best is around 25


Thank you guys for the replies, I planted my autos abt an inch deep, why havent the other came up also? Is tht normal? i planted them at the same time.

18/6 is the recommended light cycle. Also, be careful with over watering and under watering while they’re young, it’s easy to kill them!


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Yes it’s normal. Different seeds may sprout at different times. Especially if they’re an inch deep they have some work to do before they break soil.

Just be patient!

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