Big bloom nutrients

Ok I’m looking for some big bloom of some sort for my buds any suggestions I just went into flower again and I wanna know what people are using plz and thanks @Covertgrower @Littleflowerbud @Myfriendis410

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There’s plenty of options and everyone has there preference I’m on fox farms ,but I haven’t experimented with anything else.

So you use the trio of three or just the big bloom

I run the trio, but wasn’t sure if you were just looking for bloom nutes.

I’ve got the hydroponics set the bloom micro and gro I’m looking for like a bloom booster

@Nicky or @dbrn32 or @peachfuzz would probably be more help on hydro.

I personally use Dyna Gro. Only the grow and bloom. Also Pro Tek and Mag pro for extras. Alot of lines need 3 different nutes for grow the line I use calls for 2.


I also use the dyna-gro. Simple to use veg and Bloom an inexpensive . Also does a good job.


I’ve used canna nutrients for flowering,
Fox farms, and dynagrow
And I’ll be using Jacks 321 this next cycle.


Fox Farm GLCMBX0001 Open Sesame, Cha Ching, Beastie Bloomz Plant Nutrients, 6 Oz Combo Pack Fertilizer Just got this

I have the cha-Ching for flowering booster. It doesn’t have any nitrogen in it, so it’s easier to control your nitrogen formulation.

Jr Peter’s hydroponic blend, calcium nitrate, and magnesium sulfate. Mixed at same ratio and concentration from start to finish. Adding tribus original, silica blast, and hygrozyme individually on different days 1-2 days per week each. Will probably add canna boost into mix and eventually remove silica blast.

You can probably change your npk ratio for flowering simply by following schedule without needing any flowering “booster”. The canna boost I will be using is 0-1-1, adding it more triacontanol than anything, and the fact that its expensive and has expiration date coming around in November.

If you want to tinker with your flowering blends, you can buy small bags of monopotassium sulfate and potassium sulfate on Amazon. They will go a long way and allow you to get phosphorus and potassium levels up if that’s what you desire.

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What @dbrn32 put up here is the one a lot of growers are looking at. It kinda depends on what medium you are in and what amount of P and K for your taste. Used in excess it will stall out a flowering plant. You can only push so much at em.


Especially if used too early.


Update on chocolope!!

shes beautiful


She looks good!

Its all about sunlight, space for your roots to grow, good dirt, and if your adding nutes not to much. Hell I use miracle grow and my plants look awesome. All this super grow, FFOF bs just use some good dirt and lots of sunlight. Thats what they do in Hawaii, good dirt, lots of sunlight, no nutes or fertilizers.
Mine are flowering Im in Nor Cal, I use Miracle grow combined with Flower Fuel. I bet I get 2lbs of bud this year, make cookies and give them away. I dont smoke just like to grow. Its fun