I am NOT HAPPY right now(with myself)…I follow Bergman’s Bible and I got 6 seedlings to start…OUT OF A TOTAL OF 20!!! I’m still gonna ride it out tho bc I just got some LED 3 way lights on a tripod, each arm goes wherever you want it to shine…Someone in another post said his Banana Kush took 2 weeks to pop outta the soil!!! That gives me ALOT of hope!!! This is so embarrassing bc I was given 3 baby plants each in a little plastic pot, I’d guess that they’re prolly 1/2 a gallon…These were babies…I’ve read for the last 6 mos to prepare for this, now, they’re each about 1.5ft tall and almost ready to grow some buds!!! They smell EXCELLENT!!! If I can do this, why can’t I plant a friggin seed properly??? I have the 3 inch Peat Moss cup, and I KNOW I dug those holes to deep looking back​:frowning::cry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I also have the smaller square Peat Pots, which seems like a much better place for these seedlings…PLEASE ANSWER ASAP BC MY LAST 5 BANANA KUSH are on the heating pad!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

I go simple. Fill up solo cup with some dirt. Nothing that had nutes in it. If so a very very very small amount. I make a small hole about 3 times the depth of the seed. Place it in the soil and cover it up.
I make sure to keep the soil damp. Never to dry out as I dont want the seeds to ‘crack’ i want them to split open on there own.
I dont cover with a dome or anything. I keep thwm under a 400watt light at this stage. About 2ft above. This helps keep the soil and cup warm. As soon as they sprout they are under the 400 getting light.
Very basic way to start seeds. This last year we had 18 in the ground and all 18 sprouted.
This may be the hardest part of growing :slight_smile:


Yep soak for 24 hours plant in the ground about a quarter inch deep should pop in about 4 days although I keep my light turned down a little lower

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Peat pods can be a pain. And you don’t need them. Some ppl soak in a cup with ro water and a splash of hydrogen peroxide. Most of the time seeds will crack in 24 to 36 hours. The trick is don’t go deeper than a 1/4 “ I just make a small indentation and cover with soil. I mist the soil with ro water at least 2times a day. Some strains will come up in a couple of days some may take longer. My last run 3 girls came out root first. So I had to flip them over and it took a few days for them to come back the right way. Happy Growin and keep on keeping on! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand: