Big 6 build a soil

Has any one ever used the big 6 from build a soil?


I think Budbrother did, but you would have to dig through his topics. He’s not on forums anymore.

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He did. Got me to buy a little bag, not much diff at the amount I was using it. Preferred adding the craft blend from time to time… think it had more micronutrients.

Edit: nope… the big 6 was the micronutrient one, i used it maybe 4 times a grow? Just to make sure they were covered. Only a teaspoon per gallon, and on microbe day. Still not sure if it made a huge difference

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You only used water and never heated it too 110 degrees???
Or did you use irrigation solution/ saline???

Water. Rainwater to be exact. Shaken to high heck. Like 5-10 mins of agitation with those.

Heated to 100 degrees? Is that recommended somewhere?

Yea so if you go on build a soil website it tells you to either heat water to 110 and add 300g and agitate.
Or it says to add it to irragation solution wich is saline.
So maybe thats why you never really notice a difference?
I dont think water alone will carry the nutrients, hence the heat or use saline.
Im thinking of using the saline, any thoughts?

It may not, but both editions of Thruve work just fine with the addition of Recharge and Tribus microbes.

Saline (if easily sourced) does seem simplier then heating to 110… i may need to look into that tho! Thanks for the heads up

Yea you like that recharge?
Yea no problem. I will let you know how goes when i do the saline.

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Love it. Recharge is the one I startd with. It comes with a decent sugar load and microbes. Tribus (while more expensive) had a much higher concentration of microbes and more diverse.

I figured mix em and best of both worlds right?

What I can say is the effect of them both is maybe the single biggest difference beside lighting and genetics “I could make”

I like it!!! How often do you use it?

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Rotating on off feed days. So…

Feed with nutes,
Let dryish,
Water with microbes, epsom
Let dryish,
Straight water,
Water with microbes and Micronutes (have craftblend, big 6, and silica that all get rotted into this spot)

For nutes Im a heavy emulsion guy. Alaska Fish Ferts everytime. When Im about to flip, they get thrive tossed in a bit. And mid-late flower I switch to all thrive Bloom.

Its seriously something I just feel my way thru. Love that the veg ones are 5-1-1 and bloom is 0-15-15 so u can play with both in the mid stages to late.

I use big 6 in living soil. I found its easier to add it in my topdress instead of in water.
Here’s my notes I have on it from talking to budbrother and from the B.A.S. website. Why yes I do take notes when talking to budbroher. He spews out so much knowledge so quickly, my head spins.
It is a good balance of the micronutrients boron, molybdenum, cobalt, copper, zinc, and manganese. Living soils can get depleted of these micros so its good to keep it replenished. It also contains humic acid to help with decreasing plants energy expenditures and increase nutrient uptake.
Its different from the TM7 at B.A S because it doesn’t contain iron as tm7 does. Iron is normally plentiful in living soil with the use of basalt and such, no need to add more. Its been found that soils with a more balanced manganese to iron ratio, produce better plants with higher yields.

I use it biweekly in the 30 gallon and weekly in the smaller containers, As I said, i sprinkle it on with the topdress. So far, I’ve not had any issues with micronutrient deficiencies. :v::green_heart: