BHO Extraction w/crock pot purge

Hi. I intend to make (budder) & just checking if this is the proper process. I’m running butane cans through a glass tube into a shallow Pyrex pie dish. I will then do a quick purge & place the Pyrex dish inside my crock pot filled with warm water for 20min, then turn crock pot on to ‘warm’ setting for one hour, until the bubbles have formed to release fumes & transforms into foamy texture. Is this okay?

Thanks, Kerry

Why not transfer Pyrex plate to the stove on low?

That was always my poor mans trick for that

Then scrape your Pyrex for your dabs

I did this a fee times also u can use a good smooth glass plate let everything evaporate put some heat on it a slight bit then put the plate in the freezer. After cold about 20 mins or so scrape it all loose keep cold while scraping and it will all powder up on the plate and dump into a container to smoke. Works for me and has a way better taste than a press does.

Dry sift to press makes some nice concentrate tho


Are you referring to cannabutter…?
For edibles…?

Why are we doing this inside with flammable fumes?
Butane evaporation temperature is at 34°, why do we need to heat it at all, when it evaporates at a very low temperature.
Parchment paper works really well for a nonstick surface, if you get a big enough piece you won’t have any sticking to the glass.


My thoughts exactly… @Covertgrower
When I’m doing bho , I only use a frozen pyrex measuring cup and a bowl of boiling water…
Just a bowl with hot water and as it cools I pour in more hot water with the measuring cup sitting in the bowl and I do this outside in open air…
But when I make cannabutter , I never use any butane…
Just an oz of decarbed bud and 5 sticks of butter and a pan and some ladies nylons…


Thank you for your response. I was thinking the crock pot would serve as a more stablized heat platform & the h20 base would provide additional purification/filtration…just a guess, though😁

Thanks! I’m going to try making coconut oil too. I decarbed 2oz & will submerge it in a crock pot of h20 & liquified oil, just enough h20 to saturate the oil & float the material. Then place on warm for 8(?) hours…sound good?

Thanks! Kerry

Cocoanut oil has a much high saturation of canabinoid rrate then any butter… But u can just make a bho tube with vynyl tube and brass npt fittings x 1\4 inch ribeed tube fitting thr brass npt will almost thread right into fresh clear inside diameter 3\4 vyny and 5 /8 brass pipe thread x 1/4 barbed fitting put a hose clamp over threads and it will seat just bput coffee filter PEICE NOT WHO FILTER IT WILL SOAK UP THE BUTANE UR BHO WILL APSORB INTO FILTER LOOSING ALOT
Cram as much what ever u want into the back of the back of the tube rubber band on the filter and blow a can through it u will seeba slight tint of yellow while its still blowing goid stuff out once its clear stop blowing …it will be ice cold so where leather gloves u can get frost bite it hurts for lil not to bad and make drippings land in a tilted pie pan so most if it is all in one place u dont want it spread out every where unless ur good at roll sfifking parchment paper which is easy buf u gotta get good at it bho is pretty self purging your wax u make you can spread thin on pane of glass and lay it over an incandecent lamp and itnwill release all bho left thats only purge you need to do once ur bho is stable then u can throw what ever bho u madebinto any concentration of budder…u can just eat the bho for waaay more pitent effect u are essentially cutting yoyr thc content with fatts when u make budder of any kind