BGL-LSD Journal

Thanks for looking in. I have a new 4x8’ grow tent. If you followed or saw my other threads you know I have 7 different strains going at the moment. I had seed sprouting trouble and had to plant the last seeds of 3 strains I had to finish a replacement order.

So I am going to grow 8 plants in the 4x8’tent. The GL-LSD and Maui x LSD are around 4 weeks old. The 2 GL plants and 1 LSD are in 5 gal pots with soil and I will be using FF Trio and CalMag. Those are the plants I will have in this journal. The other 5 plants will be in a separate journal and grown with Kind Soil.

So back to the GL - LSD. 1 GL sprouted 3-3-19 and the other GL and the 1 LSD sprouted on 3-4-19. I will use 3-3-19 as sprout date for all plants.

I am going to look up some pictures of beginning and start from there. I hope to get them and stats up to know by this weekend.


Hi just stumbled on this and your new journal, I’m on my 1st grow and would love to read your journals. Please can you tag me in? Appreciate if :v:t2:

Thanks @Amjk will do, I am new also. Third grow since… many… 45 years ago.


Good Luck RAP. Just finishing up #4, started #5 (New mother plants) and planning grow 6 for the summer. I think I have way more fun growing than anything! :slight_smile:

Eight plants will get pretty busy! Especially at trim time!!! :pleading_face::grimacing:
If you are going to be on that pace maybe a bowl trimmer? I picked one up and I am sooooooo glad I did.


I will definitely look into that. @Reticence Any links to a decent trimmer? I am trimming buds now on the Maui-NL grow I just finished. That was just 2 plants but scrogged to 3.5’ x 7.5’. I just got home from work so going to move the plants now and take down the 4x4 tent and put up the 4x8 tent. I will take pics for both journals later after move is completed.

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Ok 4x8’ tent is up. I did it solo. took longer than with 2 people but doable. I have the QB260XL’s on the left side and the 600w HPS on the right side. Right now all the plants are still under the QB’S and I am going to see if I can maintain temps with the HPS on. It is in an enclosed vent hood and hooked up to the charcol filter and The fan on speed 4.

The 2 Bergmans Gold Leaf are in 5 gal orange pots and the LSD in the 5 gal black pot.

I plan on moving them under the 600w HPS for their grow in a day or so.

Get LSD here:


I have this trimmer.

There is a 16" version also. Mine is great.


Do you use it for popcorn buds or for all your buds?

I am going to use a dose of FF Trio tomorrow and then top the 3 plants in a day or so.

My grows are for personal use so I use if for almost all of my buds. I do hand trim some for giving to others in need. (Or I just feel like doing a bit of manual trimming)
Do you FIM or do the regular top? I do both, but lean more towards FIMing.

I generally just top. I have not tried Fimming yet. My try it to see. I have seen the pics and descriptions but still as I have not tried it yet not sure I 100% understand it.

In theory it doesn’t stunt the plant as much to FIM. I use my thumbnail to FIM. I have read that a straight cut can take longer to heal than just pinching off the top for a FIM or regular top for that matter.
With FIM you either get it right or end up with a regular top! Hard to go wrong.


I’ll give it a try. I always pinch when I top so that’s good.

Ok I moved them to their own side for their grow and put under 600w HPS.

@Amjk @Reticence @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @SilentHippie @Kcdaniels @monkman @BlazeMaze @MattyBear @Stop These are the people that answered on my original threads. If you would like a tag or be removed let me know.

So here it is: official kickoff.

  • What strain,2 Bergmans Gold Leaf- 1 LSD

  • Method: Soil- Happy Frog w perlite 2/1 Nutes- FF Trio CalMag

  • Vessels: Pots, 5 gal nursery pots - Gold color BGL - Black 5 gal LSD

  • PH of Water, pH t0 6.5 filtered water using Kind soils Boogie Blue water filter

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution

  • Indoor or Outdoor Indoor 4x8’ Grow tent.

  • Light system 600w HPS enclosed vent hood

  • Temps; Day around 86° +/- 3°

  • Humidity; Day 26%

  • Ventilation system; 6" AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6 w/ iPower 6" carbon air scrubber filter 10.5x17"

  • AC, Humidifier, Main room has house ac to 78° Have humididifier to use inside tent or outside tent by intake vent

Co2; No

Planted on 3-1-19. 1 BGL seed sprouted on 3-3, the other BBG and the LSD sprouted on 3-4. They were started under Aerogarden led lights.

3-11 moved LSD to 5 gal
3-12 moved 2 BGL to 5 gal. and moved all into 4x4 tent with 2 QB260XL’s 172w. 30"
3-15 watered with a 1/2 strength FF BigBloom 15ml/gal
avg temps at this time were 79° 36% humidity
3-30 Moved to new 4x8 tent
3-31 Moved to right side of tent under 600W hps


looks to be a great start @RAP. thanks for the tag!


Looks good buddy, good luck with them!

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I’ll enjoy watching!

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Off to a good start! Thanks for the tag :v::bear:

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Thanks I have read all of yours and @SilentHippie journals over and over for inspiration. This will be my first FF Trio usage so I am sure to need help. The other side of the tent is my first Kind soil grow.


Thanks for the tag, I’m along also!:sunglasses::v:

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thanks for the tag. very excited to watch this grow!

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