Beware – GPS location stored in pictures

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THis has probably been discussed before but i couldn't find it that quick. All digital cameras, including those on smartphones, store something called EXIF data in the photo. It stores lots of things like shutter/aperture, ISO setting, what lens/focal length you used, whether flash was used (the exact features depend on your camera). But beware if you have a digital camera or smartphone with a GPS reciever! Now this is often a useful thing as well, as you get maps when you are travelling - but the camera software often also stores the location of your photo in the EXIF data.


Worst case scenario is that you have a huge farm and a nice marijuana growing operation going on. It will be easy for authorities to locate your grow area from just one picture. If you live in a city it's less of a problem because GPS is accurate within 10 to 50 feet. 


Some websites like facebook wipe it automatically when you upload pictures. I'm going to look in to the possibilities to delete the exif data automatically as well.


How to delete exif data?


-Switch off geotagging

-Remove the exif data with software (i always use easy exif delete)

-Make print screen of the picture

-Or use a camera without GPS receiver....


Any other ideas?




Great stuff Robert! I use a Samsung TL210. I do not think it has gps. I am going to try the easy exif delete, though, thanks.lw

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Hello guys and girls! I just had to register to thank you Robert. It is really nice to see the dedication you have your customers and fellow growers. I had rarely seen such good service from anybody! Top Notch, expect me to be ordering from you now. Once again bravo and thanks!


Does Tor browser really work?I use it now but I have no idea how to test it?
If I place an order using a phony name but give you the right info for billing and shipping,will I still get product?

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I cannot speak as to “TOR browser”? but; Yes; You can give an alias, along with correct billing and shipping adress. However; You may have to give real name for billing, but can ise an alias for the shipping label.

I will try and contact claire, for clarification. Peace :slight_smile:

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Something else to watch out for are cameras with built-in Wi-Fi function.
I have heard from a reliable source that these cameras can send thumbnail images of the photo’s you have taken to a certain place in the US. Not sure if it only happens in the US or all over.

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Mr. Squishy is correct, every piece of information you send out is monitored somewhere, by someone. (via Snowden)

In my case it’s monitored by Men in Black
…most likely :alien:


I guess my phone is too old. Downloaded the file but it won’t let me open it. Is there another way?

I would like to share images here but I know everything is monitored. I don’t like the thought of authorities knowing where my grow is.

I don’t call myself paranoid, just distrustful of our “public servants” .

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How do I delete a picture from a forum? Need help ASAP!!!

On iPhones can’t you turn location services off for the camera? So it won’t store info? Hope that works

Click on the … Dot dot dot. At bottom and click the trash can. Deleted

Yes you can turn off on your phone on Samsung… I don’t know about iPhone

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Hopefully the typing can’t be traced. Cops so bored and funded here probably send in the armored tank to bring me in for my one autoflower. Idk if I’m signed out of google it estimates by my IP address I’m in Nashville quite a long ways from Nashville

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I hear you my States legal last week the Obama Administration failed to reclassify… well, not failed they decided not to reclassify marijuana yet again

And I hardly saw any press about it at all

Wouldn’t want any independent thought not sanctioned by our ruling Masters happening out there…

" you act the same you dress the same it won’t be long till you are the same… "

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They only cover what they are told to cover. “Talking points”

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I took a photo of my garden today and my phone automatically tagged it as a photo for a buisness or something near me, i !@#$ing shat my self in panic trying to undo it!!! The title of this post says it all, BEWARE!!!

On my phone a ZTE double, in my settings I was able to turn off Geo tagging location off as well… But people can still access my IP address

My phone crash recently and I retrieve my pics from Google Photos and noticed they all have tags on them now ! … so much for that

I recommend moving & growing in a legal state.

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