Beware Bitcoin Problem

I have been trying to purchase some seeds from ILGM and I followed their advice to use BITCOIN.


Bitcoin only allows a $100 amount when using a Credit Card, instead of the $150 amount stated on ILGM.
I tried to purchase the “Beginner Mixpack” which is $109. So with the “5fromrobert” $5 discount, plus the 10% discount they said they would give for using Bitcoin I thought I was good to go.

That was almost THREE WEEKS AGO.

I followed ILGM’s instructions to the letter Re. how to pay with Bitcoin, but for some reason, the payment did not go through. I tried again the same day. Again the payment would not go through. I sent numerous emails to ILGM asking for help to either cancel the previous orders so I could start all over again, or have them place the order in my Cart with the discounts, or do anything to help me get this done.

They finally canceled the previous orders TODAY.

Then when I tried to place a new order today, it turns out the $100 I had placed in Bitcoin with my Credit Card THREE WEEKS AGO is now worth $74.26.

So what do I do now ILGM ???

Should I place another $100 into a Bitcoin account when I have already lost 1/3 of the first $100 I put in there at your recommendation ? For some reason, I’m a little hesitant to do that when I obviously won’t know if the payment will go through, or if my money, my seeds, and my time will be lost in the Bitcoin/ILGM Twilight Zone again.


I would stay away from bitcoin. The value is too volatile…


Can you take a look into this please
@GAFarmer I tagged someone into to help you
Be patient ty


Don’t buy into a market you don’t understand. New people can lose a lot.


I wasn’t really “buying into a market”, I was just going by what ILGM stated on their website.
That you would :

Save money. (They were offering a 10% discount.)
Get your seeds faster because the Bitcoin would be accepted almost immediately.

Ha !!!

I just wanted to buy some seeds

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Hi @GAFarmer

I’m sorry to hear your order process went down south. The new $100 max card limit is new to us too so thanks for informing us.

I will have a chat internally and we will contact you via email to make sure you’re serviced properly.



Most credit card companies are refusing to work with Bitcoin exchanges because of the potential abuse and fraud. That is probably why your credit card company has a $100 cap now. There are also fees that need to be taken into account for purchasing Bitcoin as well as transfer fees to send to ILGM for the purchase. The 10% discount essentially covers these fees so it’s a bit misleading to assume you’ll be getting a discount going via Bitcoin.

That being said I’m sorry you got caught in the downturn of the cryptocurrency market. You can wait and hope the value goes up or you can cut your loss and purchase more (over the amount you need to cover fluctuations and fees).

I’m glad Roy and the ILGM team will be taking care of you!


I always send cash bro never had a issue takes a little longer because the $ needs to be received fitst
Just my thoughts
Thanks foe looking into this @ILGM.Roy


Just to clear things up a bit.

The $100 cap had nothing to do with my Bank/Credit Card Company.
The ILGM website states there is a $150 limit set by Bitcoin when you use a Credit Card as the funding source when purchasing Bitcoin, but Bitcoin plainly states on THEIR Website the limit is $100.

I thought I would still be able to purchase the “Beginner Mixpack”.
The Mixpack was $109, minus the $5 “5fromrobert” discount = $104
$104, minus the 10% discount offered by ILGM for using Bitcoin should have equaled a total of approx. $93.60, so I DID have a cushion of approx. $6.40 to cover the seed purchase and the fees from Bitcoin. The problem was I couldn’t get ILGM to do anything from their end. I DID receive a “Canned Response” stating they “had received my email and would be looking into it.” The other issue was the $5 “5fromrobert” discount was not available for a new order because it was locked up in the first order that didn’t go through, and remember, I was trying to operate on a margin of error because of the $100 limit established by Bitcoin. A couple of responses from ILGM support stated they thought the best way was to just have them remove my two previous orders from my account and start all over again. I was all for that, and I also asked if they could just simply put the total amount needed for the Beginner Mixpack in my cart, or on my account somehow, or whatever other method they could to just put a number in there so I would know what to send. The problem was nothing was ever actually DONE from their end until yesterday. The day AFTER the Cryptocurrencies had their little meltdown.

I REALLY want to purchase my seeds from ILGM.
Most of the people on this forum seem happy with their purchases and I would like to be one of them.

I was in a Management position for the last ten years of my career as a Professional Firefighter/Paramedic.

ILGM Management needs to review their protocols on how customer relations issues are handled, especially when it comes to emails and how they are processed, so customers like me do not get caught in Limbo like I have been. NO ONE wants to get a canned response like “we have received your email and we are looking into it” (for the 10th time over THREE WEEKS) when their money is tied up, and they can’t complete their purchase.


This process shouldn’t be this difficult.

This process shouldn’t be this difficult

I’m not so sure about that. I’m sorry you had to go through all that, but I believe there may be more difficulty than you think.

They aren’t some big company with a large staff. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there are a lot of us, more than what posts here, trying to get the seeds. That’s a lot of people that potentially have issues to be addressed by just a few.

Maybe you’ve never really had banking problems before. I have and it’s a nightmare! This is the same type of scenario with extra players involved.

On top of that, most countries are illegal to ship their product. It may be ok in some states, but federally, it’s illegal.

Personally, I would love for you to get ILGM seeds and reap the benefits that we do. That being said, if you’re not satisfied, there are other companies to choose from.

I hope you can get past this bump in the road to reach our satisfaction with a great company of a few people that share our passion.

If not, be well…


I am having problems even getting it set up. I added my debit card to bitcoin and it says I have a $5.00 limit. I have an order waiting for the bitcoin and I applied my $15.00 voucher to the order. Can I pay a different way? I tried unsuccessfully to add my bank to many times and now Bitcoin says I have to wait 7 days to try again. HELP??