Better to use dry nutrients?

New to growing and I’m just trying to figure out a good nutrient starter kit. I’ve seen the foxfarm stuff but I’ve noticed alot of growers staying away from the bottled stuff, Was maybe thinking of trying the ILGM starter.Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

So i purchased the stuff ILGM sells, but didnt need nutrients until week 4-5 with fox farm ocean forest soil. Now, the fox farms nutes i’ve heard good things but they are expensive and you have to be precise in use and have to buy all the different ones. A lot of folks here use jacks 321( jacks part a, epsom salt, jacks part b) it’s much more cost effective and the stuff works!! I used the jacks when i was week 5 of veg- and within a day the leaves looked great!
Btw- welcome to the forum! Happy growing! :slight_smile: this is an amazing forum with a TON of really smart growers with different methods and techniques. The vast wealth of knowledge available here has saved me well over 500$


If you dig around a bit you’ll find a lot of folks using Jack’s 321. Really affordable, effective, and has the benefit of same mix from seedling to harvest. 2 powders and Epsom salt (for mag). Get it from the mfg in 25 lb sacks or from eBay, where sellers break down the 25 pounders to smaller packs. I got a 7 lb pack for roughly $40 that will last me better than a year.

Hellraiser has a journal that does a side by side grow comparing Jack’s and AN products (a leading brand). He found essentially no difference in performance at significantly lower cost (1/10th?). Good read, btw.


Ok good info, much appreciated and thanks for the welcome :call_me_hand:

welcome to the community. I use fox farms but that’s what I started out with. I have had good results so far. more than likely I will continue to use them until I mess it up lol


I spent 110$ to get jacks part a and b in 25# bags and then epsom salt. Granted, i ordered from amazon. I would imagine its about 20$ cheaper ordering direct from mfg. i then bought airtight containers from amazon and put the nutes in there to keep them from getting moist or any liquid into them. I’m glad i bought that because i have enough to make like 4500 gallons of nutrients


Bottled nutrients are pretty much just diluted dry nutrients. It’s just usually cheaper to buy in dry form.


I agree with @DrWoo on reading up on @Hellraiser journal, great info in there and it will help you out.

Found the stuff on ebay that’s more in my price range, thanks man.

You will need a decent digital scale to measure. One that goes to the tenth of a gram. $20-$30 on Amazon.

That’s where I got my Jacks. I use to use FF Trio grew some good buds but got tired of the flushing every 4 weeks. Because of my bad back.

Dry amendments are great cause it organic you get better tasting bud thats just my opinion and i believe you get a much better yeild and you get less nute and deficiencies thats my opinion

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@oldmarine is a good grower that uses dry amendments. Maybe he can offer a word or 2 here.

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Welcome to the forum, dry nutes feed the soil chem nutes feed the plant: dry nutes take about a week to be avail chem nutes right away. Used ff now using organic with a tea supplement :yin_yang:


I use Happy Frog dry amendments at half strength. I amend the soil at first then top dress every month. All-Purpose and Fruit & Flower…


I’m currently using Gaia Green dry nutes. I use both the all purpose and the power bloom in coco for my grows and I love it. I top dress every 4 wks and water in, simple. Haven’t burnt a plant yet.

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My grow-op is called THUNDERDOME, so there is no promise of the Maldives and glass bottom huts.Tough love for everyone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

For me,I like dry nutrients. But then again I am using recycled(4years) soil and a no-till system. And since I add compost and AACT once a season-is that technically a bottled liquid fert? I dunno…

I have run Hydro and Coco with bottled nutes.I used to burn the tips of my plants. With recycled soil I dont burn my tips anymore.
At the moment,I am sticking with dry nutrients.

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