Better than the last Blueberry Autoflower


Yup im not exactly sure on the ppt neither :man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5: But i do the valley thing when i have super low leaves. A good way to let her go up again is to just take off her restraints a couple days. She’ll naturally reach up.


Very nice temp and humidity! I’m a bit jealous. Lol. Don’t get me confused on the ppm, EC etc. Lol mine changes a little every time I switch modes which would be ok if it would stay on the mode I wanted. I’ll eventually need to invest in a better one so I actually can have faith in what it says.


It has taken a lot of wet rags and dishes of water to finally acheive. Plus I cleaned and messed with my whole house humidifier and got it going good enough till my new parts come.
I’M learning on the TDS/ EC but I’m gonna do what raustin says and use one value. I’ll be just checking pH & TDS .


This is carried with me every where in the house I go :grin: just a little OCD, my little cheat sheet.


I think she is bigger every time I look at her. !

I tested my slurry and the pH was 6.37, TDS 1.09 PPT which is equal to 1090 ppm. TDS is little high but she’s looking to enjoy it. I’m definitely keeping a close eye on her. Tent temp 70.8 RH 55


Just a little more LST. She looks good :+1: no burnt tips. She’s growing.



She looks good. And the LST is going well.

But, her slurry was pH 6.28 with TDS 1400 gave her 1 gallon pH 6.7 TDS 353 ( well water is running high TDS at the moment) my run offs concern me. pH 6.17 TDS 5.14 PPT ( 5140ppm)
She isn’t showing any sign of nute burn but I’m very concerned. My bigger 5 gallon pot I don’t get as much run off. Should I watch and see? Do I go ahead and do a fox farms sledgehammer rinse? Or should I just try putting another gallon H2O of maybe pH 6.8 and check run off then? @raustin @blackthumbbetty @PurpNGold74 @DoobieNoobie


Wow, that’s the highest PPM I think I’ve ever seen. Lol. Yes, you might want to do a flush using Sledgehammer. That should fix it.


Thanks@raustin. I’ll sledgehammer then mix distilled with just a little of my well water so I can pH the flush to about 6.7? With my well PPM’s running high lately I’m thinking I should not use well water for flush. And I just changed my well water filter today but Idk, well is still running in low 400’s. Usually it’s low 200’s.


That’s ok, you want to get your PPM down to around 500, so you can use your well water.


Yea that is off the charts. Did u calibrate to tds? Thats insane. Maybe u had a good salt buildup


I did calibrate it. I probably shouldn’t have pushed her so fast on nutes. But hopefully I can get her taken care of before she suffers. I’m flushing now and it’s coming down. She’s at 1380 ppm now with pH finally at 6.5 she’s had 3 gallons and I’m still flushing. :facepunch::v::green_heart:


But now that you have me thinking about it @PurpNGold74 it sure wouldn’t hurt if I do it again and make sure. :v:


After recalibration and one more gallon :tired_face:

Gonna keep on flushing. A lot more water involved when I up my pot size dang it :joy:


Hahaha. Yea thats the bad part. More pot, more flushing! :joy::joy: but get her in range. Im amazed u saw no burn


@PurpNGold74 I’m amazed too. I hope she stays that way. :v:


I was so happy to see ppm instead of PPT on my meter :joy: got her all sledgehammer flushed with run off at 569 ppm ph 6.51 I’m happy. She’s dried off a bit and still looking good. Had to readjust her bondage pipe cleaners a little.
Let’s hope for the best.


Job well done ms Jewels :joy::joy: took a minute. But done


Here we are at day 38 and I haven’t killed her yet :+1:. She appears to have enjoyed her flush. She has grown during the night.

She really does seem to grow considerably during lights out.
Her king Plus LED 1200W that’s actually 235w has been inched down to 20" and her viparspectra 300w actually 134w is at 18". This grow I’m just growing 1 plant with both my lights to see if it ups my yield. Hopefully I’ll have better LEDs with my next round.
Her VPD numbers are in range at 1.1 Temp 72 RH 51%. I can’t ask for better that that but it took a while to accomplish. Finally have the correct vents open at the right amount and the right amount of wet rags and containers of water along with my little cool mist humidifier.
Ok I’ll quit rambling now. Wake and bake with amnesia haze, it happens :joy: Happy growing all :v::green_heart: