Better than the last Blueberry Autoflower


Right. That’s my friends. Weed is weed. Wait till they taste homegrown with KNOWN genetics. Haha.

So bubblegum eh? I think DB told me Cindy is sweet but it’s hella expensive so I vote we stay in stash (ur stash of seeds not mine duh) N back to the bubble…


Cinderella 99 is definitely a sweeter strain. Runs about $150 per pack, 12 regs or 8 fem.

Plenty of really good sweet strains here though. I sampled another members Maui Waui, it was a blast of lemon. And I’m pretty sure @Screwauger got an amnesia that tasted like juicy fruit gum lol.


@dbrn32 so far my amnesia Haze haven’t been as sweet as the blueberry for me. The amnesia I have done is tasty. I could imagine the juicy fruit taste if it was sweeter. Maybe this new one will be. I’ll try to look for the Cinderella 99. I did have it written down but haven’t researched it. I’ve heard you and others talk of it. It does come in autoflower, right? @PurpNGold74 I’m down to one of each of the 3 autoflowers I bought. So I definitely need to buy more blueberry autoflower. I’m a little worried about my next to last that half ass sprouted yesterday.

Hopefully she’ll take root and shoot up. I probably should quit acting without asking opinions of experienced growers first … but I did sprinkle a tiny smidge of rootone to her where what little of the radicle meets the hypocotyl. She’s my second to last blueberry :frowning:. My Amnesia Haze took hold and came up with a shit eatin’ grin. Doesn’t she look awnry already :joy:


I’m not aware of anyone offering an auto version of it sorry.


Busy fun day yesterday but with the grandkids, my dad and some friends all here to make Christmas cookies, I had to neglect the little girl. She’s fine though.
2 day slurry pH was 6.38 TDS 643. Today is water with 2ml of call mag PH 6.59 TDS 497. I’ll check her run off when she’s done. I slow water and enjoy the aroma. Talk to her and spew some co2 on her. For what good it’ll do. Worked in that 3rd grade science fair project :joy:

And the Christmas cookies

Cheers and have a good one :v::green_heart:

Oh, that last pick of cookies is my best friends little 13 year old girls creative artwork. She’s just saw the shining for the first time last week. She said the movie took place around Christmas time so it’s a Christmas cookie :joy::heart: her


Cookies look great! What else do you have for nutrients? Calmag is designed to be a supplement to base nutes, and probably not the best thing to giving plants in flower unless you need it.


I was following others advise with the QBs I here they need it. She’s been on fox farms big bloom, tiger bloom, grow big and open sesame just switched her to beastie Bloomz and late flower I’ll switch to Cha Ching. Is it too soon for the Beastie Bloomz? Oh, they get between 1/4-1/2 of FF recommended dose. Should I have waited on the cal mag? Oh she doies have gypsum worked into the soil too.


I’m a little new to all this. I’m a long time old flower gardener. I throw composted horse crap and my yard/ kitchen compost and mix it around in my flowers. So that’s the nutritients I’m used to dealing with :grin:


Lookin’ good, including the cookies…


What ya think of that nose dive looking seed? Think she’ll make it? I’m hoping she stands up.


If the tap root is n the medium it should survive.


Yup that’s probably my bad. I add calmag on the watering days too. Doesnt seem to hurt. Teaspoon per gallon tho. No idea my tds.

It maybe best as u said to use as a supplement on feeding day. Im not qualified enough to say either way.


Not your bad. I would have done it anyway since I’ve read people other than you use it. I’m not very knowledgeable yet in when to make switches in nutes and try to read what others do. I’m down to my last 8 oz. She still needs more h20 so I’ll switch to pH water for remaining watering today. I’ll keep a good eye on her and if needed, I can flush. I’m the one responsible for my actions :v::green_heart:


No you can add it that way, I just glanced at plant and didn’t see anything screaming deficient on anything like that. But based on bud development, I’d say we missed a good shot of pk.

That half strength nute business I’m not a big fan of. Maybe early in grow or with developing plants. But you’re going to get the best results isolating the proper feedings at the proper times. Once I’m through veg I like to see a little tip burn and then back off a smidge. Then give them a solid slurp of pk after transition and then again around week 5 or 6. Let me see if someone will let me steal a couple pics.


Thanks a bunch for your input, I really appreciate it :v::slightly_smiling_face:. The open sesame , beastie Blooms and Cha ching are still pretty new for me. So I should have given maybe some Beastie Bloomz when she started with the beginning of bud stacking, or right at begining of flower? That helps. I’m trying to grow the biggest tastiest autoflower buds possible. I’m slowly getting better. With all the great help, I’ll get it.


I’d have to go look at which is what. But here are those pics

Those pics are literally like 2 days apart in grow like week 5 of flower.


Wow, what a difference. Ya, I want that :smiley::joy:wonder what nutes they used. I probably have a good month maybe month and a half…I think. I need to learn more on the nutritients


She kinda looks like she sprouted got top heavy and nose dived :joy: wish I had a video camera taping her :joy: hopefully she’s got enough ass in the dirt. Maybe she sprouted sideways? Cotyledones look good from what I can see when I zoom.


Gh I believe the nova series, powdered ones. With koolblooom, epsom, and molasses.


Damn that’s some FINE development. Wow. N no idea on the sproutling J. Sometimes it just isn’t meant. Couple more days won’t hurt. Bean count getting low here too… I’m so procrastinating on reordering :joy::joy: