Better than the last Blueberry Autoflower


10/5 ILGM Blueberry Autoflower seed placed in distilled water. After 24 hours I placed her in promix seedling soil. Her she is on her birthday

(upload://1G4GIu6B2hwYrrnRz4oNum0aSLM.jpeg) and day 1 and on

First time grow Northern Lights auto and blueberry auto

Off to a good start.


Yup. Looking good. Best of luck


All is well. Not much to report she is looking good. I made her a new, larger humidome yesterday. I’m trying something new with 24 hour light for the first week. I also introduced my perrenial gardening seed starting led light in addition to the T5 seed starter bulb.
She looks happy


Hi @GreenJewels, love to sit in, babies look happy and healthy, I’ve got ILGM super skunk germinating now.


@Randy1966 I’d love to have you sit in, welcome. Tag me in your grow please.


She is a happy girl so far at 6 days old.

Some things I will be doing different with this grow to hopefully improve quality and quantity… Not that I wasn’t happy with my few other indoor grow results but I feel I can do better.

  1. I’ve already introduced LED lights as a seedling so LED won’t be new to her when I put her under the bigger LED so less shock. as well as keeping her on 24 hour lights for the first week then tapering to 20 on 4 off.
  2. She will go into a 5 gallon smart pot instead of the 3 gallon smart pot. I will still be using fox farms happy frog with vemiculite added.
  3. I will be using fox farm trio nutes ( I used for previous grows) along with open sesame, Beastie Bloomz, Cha Ching and sledgehammer. My other grows these last 3 and sledgehammer were added late.
  4. She will be the only one in the tent under all of my lights which are
    Blurple viparspectra 134
    actual watts ( has more
    blue for veg
    King plus double chip
    235 actual watts( has
    more reds for flower)
    LED 11w 3000k
    LED 16 watt flood light
    at 3000 k
    Not a QB grower yet :disappointed:
    but I’m saving up :money_mouth_face: to be

I’ve learned so much and feel I’m better at the nutes. I will of course be tagging some of you great teachers if and when I run into trouble.


Looking good so far. You’re off to a good start.


8 days old today and 1.5". I continue to mist her humidome a few times a day. With distilled water.
Once a day I mist the dirt at the very edge of the cup, also distilled water. Her new 5 gallon pot came today. It’s all filled and patiently waiting. For now she remains in the nursery. I’ve never slurry tested my fresh bag of FF Happy Frog so I’m going to slurry test this one. Just want to make sure I start out correctly on my pH

I’m not sure yet if I want to LST her or just let her go…kinda leaning towards a lot of LST. Have a great one :v:


Is it me or is she glowing? :wink: my girls are 8 days today as well. Looks like we in this together :joy:


@PurpNGold74 She is a healthy happy green :seedling: Maybe shes glowing with happiness. That’s cool their the same age :+1::smiley:.


I figured it was just my screen lol. Well happy growing


She’s growing like a weed. All looks good on day 9 :+1: :v: :green_heart:


My Blueberry autoflower is 10 days old and she’s growing great. Noticed growth from this morning to this evening. When I checked her this evening I also noticed her leaves are turning pale at the edges. I’m going to back the light off a bit. This is the first I’ve used my flower/ veggie seed starting led light. Usually it’s just the T5. Other than the addition of LED as a seedling her soil is the same as I’ve used in my last 6 grows. Shes only had distilled water, no nutes no foliar feed. I’d really appreciate it if some of you could take a look and see what you think? Light burn? @raustin @blackthumbbetty @PurpNGold74

For now I’ve lowered her and I’m keeping her humidome off for now until lights out


Yeah, it’s gotta be light burn.


Hey @GreenJewels, babies are looking good , it does appear to be light burn …in my opinion. Looks like were running same nutes and soil gonna be fun watching these grows, Ive got IGLM SS autos, so far there been slow and had problems its crazy…but anyway looks like you’ve got some healthy girls there!


Thank you both :v: @Randy1966, sweet! are you doing a journal you can tag me in. I’d love to follow along yours. Happy growing :v::green_heart:


I’m tagging along too of you don’t mind @GreenJewels!


that was the glow i thought i saw last photo. Sorry… where u got the lights hanging now?


Heck ya, tag along @Drillbit.
@PurpNGold74. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I should have took a harder look when you said she was glowing. You have some keen eyes there. She was 2" away, now she’s 2.5" away and I removed her dome. I’ll keep her humidity up with other ways.