Better than the last Blueberry Autoflower


10/5 ILGM Blueberry Autoflower seed placed in distilled water. After 24 hours I placed her in promix seedling soil. Her she is on her birthday

(upload://1G4GIu6B2hwYrrnRz4oNum0aSLM.jpeg) and day 1 and on

First time grow Northern Lights auto and blueberry auto

Off to a good start.


Yup. Looking good. Best of luck


All is well. Not much to report she is looking good. I made her a new, larger humidome yesterday. I’m trying something new with 24 hour light for the first week. I also introduced my perrenial gardening seed starting led light in addition to the T5 seed starter bulb.
She looks happy


Hi @GreenJewels, love to sit in, babies look happy and healthy, I’ve got ILGM super skunk germinating now.


@Randy1966 I’d love to have you sit in, welcome. Tag me in your grow please.


She is a happy girl so far at 6 days old.

Some things I will be doing different with this grow to hopefully improve quality and quantity… Not that I wasn’t happy with my few other indoor grow results but I feel I can do better.

  1. I’ve already introduced LED lights as a seedling so LED won’t be new to her when I put her under the bigger LED so less shock. as well as keeping her on 24 hour lights for the first week then tapering to 20 on 4 off.
  2. She will go into a 5 gallon smart pot instead of the 3 gallon smart pot. I will still be using fox farms happy frog with vemiculite added.
  3. I will be using fox farm trio nutes ( I used for previous grows) along with open sesame, Beastie Bloomz, Cha Ching and sledgehammer. My other grows these last 3 and sledgehammer were added late.
  4. She will be the only one in the tent under all of my lights which are
    Blurple viparspectra 134
    actual watts ( has more
    blue for veg
    King plus double chip
    235 actual watts( has
    more reds for flower)
    LED 11w 3000k
    LED 16 watt flood light
    at 3000 k
    Not a QB grower yet :disappointed:
    but I’m saving up :money_mouth_face: to be

I’ve learned so much and feel I’m better at the nutes. I will of course be tagging some of you great teachers if and when I run into trouble.


Looking good so far. You’re off to a good start.