Better Than Expected!

High all! Been a few months since I posted last. I’m pleased (to say the least) that my outdoor girl turned out excellent! I was able to leave her out till the end of October for “2021”. Unheard of for my area! Ended up with a bit over 2 pounds from her! Wowzzaaa! I kept 1.5 lbs. of bud and with the rest I’m gonna try my hand @ some Hash??? Still have a bunch from the previous year too. Probably have close to 1.5 lbs. for that project, hope all goes well? I have a buddy that’s will’in ta help so I’m sure between us both we can manage to F it up!!!??? I gave a good buddy a some to try and he thinks its excellent! Said it was better than what he had been buying from his guy for years now! Gave him a bit more to “pass around” so to speak and got nothing but compliments from it! The thing is the Trichomes NEVER turned! Don’t quite understand it but I’ll take it? Won’t be long till it’s time to get some little 1’s go’in for this spring to set out. Still have some AK-47 seeds so I’ll try a couple of those. Hopefully everything will repeat itself!

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Congratulations on your harvest :+1:

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Congratulations on your Harvest! :blush::v:

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Congrats on your harvest.

Harvest sounds awesome!! Congrats on the weight.
Sarcasm —-> Pics or it didn’t happen!

Congrats Gill, that’s a nice haul. I can’t grow photos outdoors around here because the f’n hemp farms seed them out.

Congrats on the harvest!Happy toking :slight_smile:

Congratulations :confetti_ball:
I suggest bho “butane hash oil”. Plenty of videos on YouTube to show you safe ways of doing it. Absolutely do it outside! And just be smart. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to produce some top shelf hash wax.
Good luck, reach out if you decide to try the bho and I’ll be glad to show you how I do it and answer any questions I can. I’ve been using this method exclusively for close to a decade now. Would not go any other way…
Other then a giant nug smasher, if I had a couple grand to by a smasher I would use it… but for the cost, time, and energy, bho wins all day…

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Thanks @The_Cannabowlist! I had some pics of her right before the “chop” but not sure what happened to’em? She was a monster of a women for sure! Reminds me of my Ex!!! Lol! I had’ta keep her trimmed so she wouldn’t peek over the fence otherwise I would have gotten more from her.

Thanks again,

PS / Still haven’t figgered out why the Trichomes didn’t get milky???

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How long did she flower for?

She went for a good 3 months @The_Cannabowlist . Pretty much started her inside around late February then set her out soon as I could… After that I just let her do her thing. Trim here, trim there then a bit of nitrogen. Once she was outside I really didn’t do $h!t. I’ll try ta get a pic of the stalk up. Should give you an idea about how big she was.

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When did she start flowering which month? And what it photo period or auto? Obviously a photo right? Haha pulling 2lbs off one auto I’ve never heard of. :sweat_smile:

That’s awesome. Unfortunately I can’t grow outside here…

@ConcreteBudz def a photo, won’t get an auto to go three months before flowering no matter what light schedule you out it on.

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