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Good afternoon couple questions I have gotten some new pictures thank you can see them a little Peppa the bugs are the pistols take a look let me know the progress we’re making so I can have an idea when he’s a hard with this due to me being color-blind I need some help with this also one more question what is time to harvest and I do a blood wash hydrogen peroxide can I use aluminum pans for the water at the hold it don’t have no plastic bins. I got those big turkey once I have enough left over let me know thanks again! You literally be sorry for the spelling and grammar I’m not typing it in and I’m using the microphone to waste picking me up thanks20210904_155646_HDR|281x500


I was trying REALLY HARD to understand and re read everything and breaking my mind till I got to that last part about speech to text :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I speak pc translation. :grinning:

He wants to know if he’s getting close to harvest. He’s color blind, and can’t really tell. Also asking about an H2O2 wash in a large aluminum turkey basting pan.

While I can’t answer your questions about the H2O2, based on what I can see in your pictures, I think you’ll need to wait for most of those white hairs that are still sticking out in all directions, to curl in and some of them to get darker. (Assuming your color blindness is likely red/blue, I think you can tell that)

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They are looking quite nice and healthy, so nice work!

Grown outside Yes to bud wash.
this is the recipe I use from Spliffseeds

Bud wash - spliffseeds
Container Per liter units Liters H2O Quantity
ph wah 1 Baking Soda - low 1 grams 30 30
1 Baking Soda - high 2 grams 30 60
disinfecting 2 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 10 ml 15 150
2 lemon juice - 1/2 lemon per 10L
Rinse 3 Water

But is the wash OK in aluminum? Seems like there might be some electrical conductivity in play.

no clue. People cook and bake in aluminum so mixing some water with peroxide or baking soda would not be anything to be concerned with.