Better Light for WW auto

Two WW auto about 10 days old. I was going to move them outside but our vegetable garden is showing pest infestations and I don’t want that happening to the WW. 3 quart fabric bags with Happy Frog. Doing very well so far.

I have this light (see link below) that I bought for the seedling phase but do I need something a bit stronger or ?? to carry on inside? In an unused small bathroom above the bathtub. Any reccommendations under $100? I’ve been researching this but am becoming overwhelmed by all of the pro and con info.

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Don’t think you’ll get a sufficient light for the whole grow for $100 …maybe $250-$350…the light should be the best you can possibly get as it’s the life blood of your grow.


Welcome to the community ! I recommend when you repot from 3 quarts put your Autos in final home. Also for lights ,if you post size of space you need to light up. Lot of growers here can help you choose a light to fit your budget. Happy growing


OOPS, sorry I meant that they are now in 3 GALLON fabric pots :upside_down_face:

Just lighting up the two plants in a spare bathroom. The room itself is 7’ x 5’ or 35 sq ft. The grow is on boards above the bathtub but will eventually be moved down inside the bathtub. The bathtub space is 2 1/2’ x 5 ’ or 12 1/2 sq ft.

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So, stepping up a bit, would this type of setup do the trick??


3 gallon pots will be fine for autos. Quality Lighting can get expensive , look at the led HLG 260 V2 R-Spec XL that would be a quality light to use start to finish. It is a perfect light for a 2 x 4 space

I ordered two vivosun 600w hps bulbs to replace my MH bulb for flowering but the same day i switched out bulbs the damn thing pretty much lost all its light a few hours later…so I scrapped it and went back to the mh bulb alongside the 1000w KingLED

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Let me tag you in a couple Growers more familiar with hps lights. @Oldguy @Hellraiser


I like the heat the mh bulb puts out in the 4x4 cuz it keeps the humidity down and im in a cool basement…the led is by far superior though…it doesnt rid the humidity tho so I will have to get a dehumidifier for the 5x5 I think

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A 600 watt HPS will grow great bud, great bang for the buck, but the downside is the heat it generates and the amount of electricity it uses. So besides the HPS light itself, you would need an exhaust fan (another $100) and ducting and a way to expel that hot air to somewhere other than the grow room, outside preferably. I vented out a window when I used HPS lights.


I agree with @Hellraiser heat can be an issue.
Mine exhaust into the basement with my room upstairs.
And too I shut down my room for the summer because I can’t get rid of enough heat.
But they do grow nice buds. :+1:


After much research and deliberation and input from you all I decided on this new model LED with $30 discount and free shipping. I am only growing two plants at a time so this should work well. Will post results as we go …

How many plants, what’s the height and width of your grow area? Can u use the tub?

Two WW autos. Yes, using the tub. 2 1/2 x 4. Ceiling is 8ft.