Better late than never...2022

Ok, this year did kinda snuck up on me, but I’m just germinating and I know Mother’s Day is typically the day people shoot for, but this year has been a very cold and strange transition in Cali, but hope I didn’t pooch my grow by waiting.

I have always used the paper towel method to germinate seeds, but this year I’m trying the Bergman method of just dropping them in a cup of water.

I have both Captain Jack Dead Bug and Monterey BTi which I’m going to mix together to spray on my plants this year. Hoping this is the first year I don’t see either mites or worse, bud worms…Thanks @Myfriendis410 for your info, I’m mixing these 2 and will mist every few days to keep the invaders at bay! :+1:

Going White Widow once again, old habits are hard to break, as we all say/know…

Using feminized seeds and germinating 7, 1 extra in case 1 doesn’t germinate or one ends up as a male. In the best case that one belongs to my son’s 6 personal plants, he’s more active in our raised bed garden this year, and I will have 7 at harvest time, rather than just 6 for myself. :blush:

At this rate I think I will have enough bud until harvest, but we got more than 6 months to go before we get to a WW harvest…patience is needed…in that sense I don’t think I’m too late at this point.

Has everyone else already got their seedlings going ?


A bunch of us are doing a seed drop today to celebrate the full flower moon, eclipse, and all that! Late to the party? Nope, you have a much longer season than I do! I’m in Vancouver area and it’s still cold and rainy here! And I have to finish outdoors late September before the rains.


Here’s an interesting piece of data…I have property in Lake County, CA…this winter has been about the coldest I can remember, but we’re in May!!! I know that on the lake at water level it was hailing in Lake County the night of the 11th, but snow was also reported at the higher elevations. My property is about 400’ above water level, and one of the highest in Kelseyville which is adjacent the lake. I have seen snow on my property once when visiting with my Mother-In-Law about 2 years ago, I’m still struggling to build to this day…but I think it’s under control more so than ever this year.

Anyway, it probably snowed at my property the night of May 11th, 2022 and the daytime has been between 75-85 during the day…today is 82 as I type with the window open, it’s gorgeous outside…(San Jose, not Kelseyville) but snow in May??? :roll_eyes:

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Thanks Spud, I see that other thread now…my germies are going in the window sill right now…don’t want to miss out on those magical powers! :blush:

EDIT: I have them on the sill where I can see the moon at night. I’ll be checking tonight. :shushing_face:

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The last year I had plants outside I found a product that absolutely worked: plant bug screen bags. They come in a huge array of sizes. I think they’re available in black too but I got the white. Won’t harm plants a bit in direct sunlight.

I would also recommend large plant bags rather than in ground so in an emergency you could drag them under cover. @Big123 is the man to follow if you are in NorCal.

That won’t stop mites and aphids so using Captain Jack’s and Safer, alternating throughout the grow, and making sure to police up dead leaves and keep plant off of the soil are all good too.


Wow, those nets look interesting. I think you may have mentioned that before. My one worry is rain as last year at harvest time, and I think I just jumped the gun a bit in fear that the gals could get wet and mold. Mold can ruin an entire jar of bud if you don’t catch it and put some inside…DAMHIKT

Even given that, most of the bud is packed with resins, even some of the small leafy stuff between the small buds (I do trim the outside, but when I pull the colas and/or buds apart I see more that got topped. I will make note to take more time this harvest and try to trim closer to the main stem). To me it’s bitter tasting and I try to pull any out as I prep it for smoking, but when I look at this with 60x I can see a lot of terpenes on them…It takes me time to get the main stems out, even on the smaller popcorn size buds will have a stem that is easily cut up and not noticed, I just try to clean it the best I can to see if there is any noticeable differences.

I will also note that even bud that I think looks like it may have been pulled early in fear as the color is different, the terpenes look cloudy in all cases so far, and the resin needs to be cleaned out of my pipe daily, so I am cleaning every night, or two at the most. Much more resin than I would expect for only about 6-12 small bowls. Resin builds up around the outer diameter of the screens which is form up near the top so I can use less bud and easily be able to light it. WW is insanely packed with resins, the high content THC type I prefer.