Bestva LED orange glow

A friend put a 1000 watt bestva led in grow tent along with 450 watt viperspectra. Bestva actual watts 180. Viperspectra 200 actual watts. The bestva says for hydroponic grow. It also has a orange glow like a high pressure sodium, wrong light or what ?

It’s okay it’s not great but it should work. That is some crazy marketing strategy to sell a 1000 watt that draws 200.

I got one that’s advertised as 1000w bur only draws 125 at the wall. Only reason I grabbed them is because they were on sale for $35 a peice. So the 125w was worth it for me to have a emergency backup light.

How big is your grow area? With those types of lights you are definatly wanting to shoot for 40-50 actual watts per sq. Ft.

I have a lot of Watts. See how red the one plant is that’s the Banana Kush. Eventually those lights will raise as the plants get bigger. 2 will be coming out to new tent. Mainly concerned about that orange light over the Banana Kush. That is like a high-pressure sodium that you would use during flower. Reaching out to see if should ditch that one and put the viparspectra up. Much success with viparspectra.

5x5x80 3 450 led viperspectra and 1 1000 led bestva. Was wondering about advice on that one light. Debating whether to advised to take it down and put up the the other by viparspectra. Maybe with pics you can see the difference in colors from lights. @countryboyjvc1971

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You have the perfect opportunity for a side by side comparison. Bestva makes commercial grow lights" ones Avg. Power Draw: 620"W. Seems like all the red will work killer when you flower,lol

Was thinking of that.