Bestva Bat W600

Well I’m looking at US prices and barely $100 for me.

The only difference between the 301b and 301h are their trademark name so they can be sold both commercial (B) and residential H) as to the different categories each require their own trademark registration.

As with any electronics the more you use them they more likely they are to wear out or have a problem, especially with high RH and constant temp changes.

Bestva actually draw 640w on 110v and 660w on 240v.
Kingbrite actual draw 600w on 110 and nothing listed for 240v.
So yeah, about a power diff of 50w, but to Bestva, not Kingbrite.

Don’t know why your trying to diss on the US?

Some manufacturers will ship the product to the US, install a label or data plate to their product in a US city, and then claim that their product is US made. Defense contractors do this all the time.

Embraer (an aircraft manufacturer) did this with their US defense products. They would build them in Brasil, fly the aircraft to south Florida, install the data plate there, and then claim the planes were manufactured in Florida for sales to the Pentagon.

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Exactly what I meant @MidwestGuy thank you.

@The_Cannabowlist you have convinced yourself that you have made the best choice, and the only one you have to please at the end of day is yourself. So buy the Bestva.

Either of the lights are Awsome and will grow Awsome buds.

I’m not from the USA so I don’t care who makes it because they arnt making it in my country.

The 301B vs the 301L…well right out of the gate if they arnt telling us the bin sorting they are using then we can expect a 5% increase in efficiency from 301L as per Samsung’s original press releases.

Press release dated 23 April 2019
“At 3.10 micromoles per joule (μmol/J), the newly introduced LM301H now features the highest photon efficacy** among today’s mid-power white LED packages.”<p>"[...]+Samsung+has+added+horticulture+specifications+to+its+mid-power+packages+-+<b>LM301B<%2Fb>LM561C%2C+and+two+linear+modules+-+Q-series+and+H+inFlux.+These+LED+component+families+now+include+PPF+values+of+<b>0.52μmol%2Fs+(65mA)<%2Fb>0.49μmol%2Fs+(65mA)%2C+24μmol%2Fs+(0.45A%2C+21.9V)+and+114μmol%2Fs+(1.38A%2C+46.9V)%2C+respectively.<%2Fp> + In+addition%2C+the+white+LED+packages+and+modules+feature+extremely+high+light+efficacy+of+<b>2.92+micromoles+per+joule+(μmol%2FJ)+(65mA)<%2Fb>2.72μmol%2FJ+(65mA)%2C+2.72μmol%2FJ+(0.45A%2C+21.9V)+and+1.76μmol%2FJ+(1.38A%2C+46.9V+[...]".+—+Source%3A+Samsung+|+Highlights+of+Crescience&

Press release for the 301B
“the white LED packages and modules feature extremely high light efficacy of 2.92 micromoles per joule (μmol/J) (65mA)2.72μmol/J (65mA), 2.72μmol/J (0.45A, 21.9V) and 1.76μmol/J (1.38A, 46.9V […]”.<p>"[...]+Samsung+has+added+horticulture+specifications+to+its+mid-power+packages+-+<b>LM301B<%2Fb>LM561C%2C+and+two+linear+modules+-+Q-series+and+H+inFlux.+These+LED+component+families+now+include+PPF+values+of+<b>0.52μmol%2Fs+(65mA)<%2Fb>0.49μmol%2Fs+(65mA)%2C+24μmol%2Fs+(0.45A%2C+21.9V)+and+114μmol%2Fs+(1.38A%2C+46.9V)%2C+respectively.<%2Fp> + In+addition%2C+the+white+LED+packages+and+modules+feature+extremely+high+light+efficacy+of+<b>2.92+micromoles+per+joule+(μmol%2FJ)+(65mA)<%2Fb>2.72μmol%2FJ+(65mA)%2C+2.72μmol%2FJ+(0.45A%2C+21.9V)+and+1.76μmol%2FJ+(1.38A%2C+46.9V+[...]".+—+Source%3A+Samsung+|+Highlights+of+Crescience&

Sulfur Coating on 301L that is lacking on 301B’s
One of the “dirty” secrets of the LED industry is that chemicals in the surrounding environment to some types of LEDs can cause a decrease in output or potentially accelerate complete failure. Probably the most common mechanism is referred to as “Sulfuration” because it involves the chemical reaction of sulfur and silver.

Also not sure where you got the stat it has only 600w, when it clearly states 650w in my screenshot. They have alot of different products even in the 600-650w range depending on options.

If Bestva will ship it free then youll probably save money from them.
Options, so many options.


Thank you for the information, I appreciate it!
I got the info straight from the Bestva website.

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Bestva I believe is built overseas and they have a branch in CA they ship from. Their website states they have them “in stock” in the US, but doesn’t state “Built in the US”.

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Bestva does have free shipping.
I’ll let ya’ll know how good it works it arrived yesterday. Can’t hook up till this weekend.
599.90 :us:
That is my 6th Bestva light and never had to use warranty. Nock wood.

That AC Infinity and Medic grow look awesome!

Do like the looks of the medicgrow

I think when I was looking at kingbrite yesterday they has US stock to on some of the 600 and 650 so idk maybe reach out and compare them with whatever you want.

Kingbrite has a big following on other forums and has been a major led manufacturer for years before most of these grow companies.

With today’s market there are a ton out there, I always base every deal and spec off of kingbrite and its hard to find someone that beats them but if Bestva can then heck that’s Awsome.
For me not living in the USA my import and shipping fees are expensive from the USA and cheaper from overseas for some reason


I’m still 46min from more hearts… they only ever last ten minutes. Lol

Gonna have to eventually test the AC Infinity driver to see how it does. Seems fairly new.

Yeah, free shipping in the US has its advantages. Lol

Bestva might also ship from overseas if you go through their website.

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Well it’s member until it’s regular but regular has values you have to meet in a 90 day interval.
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