Bestva Bat W600

What do you all think about this light.

BESTVA BAT W600 Dimmable LED Grow Light for Your Indoor Grow 1680pcs Samsung LM301 Diodes 5*5ft coverage by WIFI Control




Extraordinary performance. Extreme efficiency. Exacting design



FCC& UL Certification

UL 8800

SOSEN Driver


Samsung Diodes


Dimming Function

1% to 100% range

US in Stock

Los Angeles Warehouse


What’s the BESTVA BAT W600 ?

The BAT W600 LED is the solution for indoor growing environments where ceiling height and distance from canopy are paramount. the BAT W600 is a great fit for use in vertical racks, low rooms, over benches, or even in tents.

• Easy Installation

• Growth Mode

• Tool Set

• Professional Spectrum

• Indoor Mute

• Planting Consultant

Technical specifications

Input Output voltage:120 - 277V

2.9 µmol/J Efficacy @ 277V

100-277V Driver range

Current -100%:120 V: 5.3 A 208 V: 3.0 A 240 V: 2.7 A 277 V: 2.3A

Inrush current: < 30 A

Frequency:50/60 Hz

Power factor:> 0.97Voltage

THD:120 V: 1.05 % 277 V: 0.65 %Current

THD :120 V: 6.25 % 277 V: 14.25 %

Ambient temp:32 - 104° F (0 - 40° C)

Environmental rating: IP65 wet location rated protection against water and dust

Control:0 - 10Vdc Source

Mounting:Multiple mounting methods included in the box

Weight:42.8lb / 19.4 kg

Dimensions :44.1 in x 43.7 in x 2.3 in / 112 cm x 111 cm x 5.8 cm

Warranty: 3 years

Contents: A. BestVa BAT W600 LED Grow Light B .4xLance Hanger C. Input Power Cord D .Sunglasses E.Interconnect Cable RJ15 9.8ft

BESTVA BAT W600 provides highly efficient full spectrum with a healthy red-to-blue ratio to drive photo synthesis. Light energy between 500–599nm, previously thought wasted, penetrates deeper into the plant canopy promoting photo morphogenic responses. High color rendering “white” light aids to rapidly identify potential threats to your crop and provides superior working conditions and safety for personnel. Ideal for both flowering

Over priced. That light is 766$ Canadian.

Go kingbrite
Better chips, more Wattage, cheaper price.

It draws 645 watts from Wall. (Have to contact to find that)
You like the lm301h better than the lm301b chips?
I thought they were both pretty similar.

From what I saw at Ali is 310 shipping making that over 900 dollars american

Three time better ! Maxisun PB4000 or Optic 650 S slim dimmable!

Stil curious if 301h is better than 301b

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The new ones I think is rated at 3.7 umol/j which is plenty to do great things with one light if not two , I have 6 optics , 20 Gavita 1000’s and 12 ApacheTech AT600’s in my flower rooms !

I believe the h is the newer tech. :thinking:


I have friends with maxisun and my bestvas quality is 10 fold there’s. I’d buy another blurple before that.
Just my opinion not trying to offend.
Who has the 3.7 umol.

Ya I was thinking h was newer that doesn’t always mean better though. Proof is I have an s21 phone and again my opinion the s8 I had kicks its butt

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@DRsDank as far as bud weight and size I don’t think the bestva can out weight a maxisun , but I’m a firm believer in adding blue light to my flowering plants , I think the infrared , red , blue , and uv led old panels is still plenty capable of producing some loud dank . But in terms of par and light intensity I’m not sure ?

I just put an SF7000 in my 4X4. Perfect fit and 730w of eye melt.

@HobbyDobby really? The sf7000 fits in a 4x4? It says 5x5 coverage…? I’m confused

Can cover 5X5. But if you want wall to wall light with no intensity dive on the perimeter then the SE7000 is perfect for a 4X4.

Here’s mine waiting for it’s maiden voyage in my AC Infinity 4X4.


By perfect I mean completely overkill.

no such thing. I have 3 HLG 260 rspec in my 32 x72" closet (750+w). Just a different shape but same sq feet as 4x4 i.e 16 feet

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Looked up 301b and 301h they say pretty much same thing just one is for consumers rated in lux the other for horticulture rated in par or ppfd. Unless you get them from the sl bin which they say will be noted.
I do grow some heavy dank buds with my bestva blurples. When you consider only a 54 inch head space. As good as anyone I know growing with full spectrum decided to go to full spectrum to see if I can out do them. I must admit though I do like the best lights if only for the leaf on them. LOL Right now I get 13 to 1400 ppfd and 80 dli at 20 inchs.
Oh well time for work. Those machines won’t run without a mechanic.

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They are same exact led. One has marketing information in ppf for horticulture applications, the other in lm for residential, commercial, industrial lighting applications.

Don’t mean to argue but wondering how is +$100 overpriced for 2 additional years warranty, same diodes, and mean wells main comp for a driver rated at #2?

To me the warranty would make it worth it honesty, more likely to have problems with the light in year 2-3 than year 1.

766$ vs 595$ so 171$ difference.
50w more power
301H chips on the kingbrite vs 301B chips on the bestva…

If the light is going to fail its going to fail within the first couple days, weeks or maybe months mass majority of the time. Which since all lights are tested before they leave its very rare to have issues.
Your concern about having issues with the light further from new date then right at purchase are actually not accurate.
However you will loose 7% efficiency over a year and who knows after 3 years.
With the way technology changes your better to pocket the 170$ per light you buy and put that towards buying another light in 3-5 years.

I’ve ran both kingbrite and hlg for over 3 years now, both are quick to respond to warranty problems (I’ve seen many on the forums have hlg solve their issues and I myself delt with one bad board on a kingbrite that seemed to loose power to two diodes on the lowest voltage).

But if you want to support a more local manufacturer rather then a Chinese company then that would I think make sence, hlg makes their own boards in house with south Korean chips however your not going to get IR or UV (not that there is any proof uv works)
And you’ll be paying more.

Does bestva print their own boards in LA? Or are they just re selling Chinese manufacturers stuff, or maybe just assembling it so they can claim MADE IN USA HURA!