BestVA 3000 for starting plants

I’m thinking about getting a pair of the BestVA 3000s, seem like decent lights. Fine for growing them, but I’m not sure about starting off seedlings.

I could get a few CFL bulbs, those have always been easy, just keep them right above the seedlings.

Or, can I use the big LED light and keep them far enough away?

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Save for something from Horticulture Lighting Group, better value, more light. You’ll regret the purple later. They’re not efficient and will cause heat issues. I bought a purple light first, then I regretted it. I would hate to have someone else get sucked into the that hole.


I bought something like the BESTVA and now regret it too. I finally went with HLG and my plants love me for it.

A plain old CFL bulb is great for seedlings.


Welcome! CFL bulbs will be fine to get your seedlings going. Like you said keep them Farley close. Good luck with your grow.

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I am assuming you’re new to growing. Nearly all the blurple lights on Amazon will to one degree or another grow cannabis. The first expensive lesson I learned was that lights are near the top of the list in importance if not the most important. If this is your first grow and you use these lights there’s a good chance that you will grow decent looking flowers. But what you will realize after you harvest is that those Beautiful Buds are light and airy. You should seriously consider checking out HLG Led lights or even Budget led lights. Many people on forum use HLG lights and love them. I originally had 2 450 Viparspectra’s and they actually do well with seedlings and early veg . But they didn’t produce nice dense nugs. I bought my replacement lights from budgetled. They definitely performed well. So take some time and read through some of the lighting threads and ask questions. Good luck and Welcome to ILGM FORUM.


I literally just replaced my bestva’s I had two 1500w’s in a 4x4 tent and here is my 100% honest review. Will it grow weed yes… But not great… My plants were only 23 inches tall after growing them for almost 5 months. My bubblegum is very light no density at all. My largest top was only 4-5 inches tall. The smoke is alright but I just went out and bought the hlg 550 and feel like I wasted $300 one those bestva’s


Thanks @Dushin91 for your honest review. Thanks for trying to save another from the blurple evil! lol


Ive been out of the loop for 25 yrs I dont understand the weed lingo anymore , I used to buy dimebags and lids, if thats any indication.
Old Fart born in 59. Exactly what LED lights have you had good luck with ? Im using Apollo UFO led full spectrum ,seems like not enough
I used to use 1500 w HPS in flower in the early 90’s with a CO2 dispersion system and constant flow hydro set up. But I dont have the room or acces to stuff here in the PHilippines.

Any comments on the Black Dog Led ?

Totally agree with @Covertgrower the blurples kinda suck lol better to save for good light.

@urbanfarmer1 buy something better than that. That’s overpriced outdated technology.

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Oh and. giphy (1)

When I first started indoors I got a Bestva 3000. Before we were out of veg I switched to Hlg 320xl Rspec. Best decision I could have made. First indoor harvest had nice solid buds and very potent.
White Widow fem.
So now I use the Bestva in veg tent and it does well for that and 3 Hlgs in flower space.
So for $300 you can get the blurple and still need more light or you can ante up now and get Hlg QBs.
You will wish you did

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Black dog uses similar tech to mars, viparspectra, and the rest of the lights you see on Amazon or Ebay. The only difference ie their 1000 watt is actually a real 1000 watt light. Otherwise they have about the same efficacy as hps bulbs at roughly 1.2 to 1.6 ppf per watt. The lights that everyone here is recommending for you run at about 2.5 ppf per watt.

Wow, such an active community. Thanks guys!

I’m new to indoor growing. I used to own a swamp/bog, so before I moved, I grew outside, wasn’t the greatest smoke but it was cheap and easy.

Now that you’ve pointed out the quantum boards, they seem way better than the blurple. Thanks for saving me prior to getting one.

I see HLG has the best ones, but there are a few other companies with comparable clones. Budget LED Lights and Mars Hydro TS. Any feelings on those?

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Won’t be the top bin quality, so efficiency will be a little less. Not sure on the mars hydro Ts, I’ll have to take a look and see what it offers.


All Budgets stuff is top bin.

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@Covertgrower thanks. This forum is a pain to use.

I joined after reading your comment. Been lurking for a while and really support what Budget LED is doing; especially since their vet owned.

Gotta back them up when people talk smack without talking to them first.

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