BESTVA 1000W LED grow light

Thoughts on this light

BESTVA 1000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Trying to figure out how to get a link to the information on it

Doesn’t look like a terrible light for the money. It’s definitely not going to light a 5’x5’ well or replace a 600 watt hid light as the description claims. As long as you understand what you’re getting, I think it would do ok.

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Do you still need the specs??a692eed1e46f001ad5209cda63d45cab58a9818c_1_281x500 i have the same. Only in a 2x4 tent

What is your grow size? I think you should pay more attention to the draw power, not the name of the light. I am using MarsII1600 in tent 5x5, draw power of this light is 620W.

Looks almost adequate for a 2’x2’ grow.

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