Best way to vent a 10x20 grow tent


I am still debating whether or not I do one 10x20 grow tent or two 10x10 grow tents. Each light will cover a 4x4 and have 9~ or so plants. I have 8 of the HLG 550 v2 quantum boards. I will not be running co2 in a grow tent.
I am trying to figure out the best way to scrub the air and vent the 10x20 grow tent so my neighbors dont smell it. Here are my questions!

Would I need an intake fan or just a passive intake with an exhaust would be fine?

Since the tent is so big do you think I would need a standalone carbon scrubber in the tent on top of the one used in the exhaust system?

If I go the 10x20 route since the tent is so big would you recommend putting an actual AC unit inside the tent? I feel like if I went 2 10x10s could avoid putting an AC inside each tent and just cool the room they are in, but I dont know if a 10x20 would be too big to passively cool?

Also if I get like a dual duct portable AC for the 10x20 tent, wont it exhaust stinky air outside the tent that I would have to scrub too?


I would go carbon filter exhaust with an intake as well. What size tent do you think you will end up going with?


You need @Countryboyjvd1971!

I would first decide on how I’m going to grow and what medium I would be using. Keep in mind the plants in veg take up far less space and light than a flowering one. You can grow your plants in a much smaller space (more efficient) and transfer to the larger flowering space. This is also nice for doing a perpetual grow: one veg tent and one flower tent.

You need to consider how you are drying and curing, where you are doing your seedlings/clones etc.

You can dehumidify and cool the room your tents are in and exhaust through a carbon filter. High humidity is a filter killer FYI. You can also, depending on ambient conditions, exhaust one tent into another before venting through a filter. If you are in a hot climate that might be problematic. There is a formula to calculate the CFM needed to adequately exchange the air in your volume but I don’t know what it is.


I saw you typing already so I kept it short and sweet lol.


Dude! Chime in. You have a clue and I’m sure you have some insight to help the OP.


He needs to pick a grow space for me to get in depth. I’m a stoner, I don’t do multiple scenarios lol.


Honestly it’s going to come down to filter size and getting fans that can handle the air volume. A carbon filter may have to be replaced every grow in a tent that big, but I don’t see any issues controlling smell.


Oh and an AC unit would need to be vented out the tent to the outside atmosphere.


I will be using soil. If I go the 10x20 route the first grow I will veg in the 10x20 also. A month or two in I will buy another tent, like a 10x10 and use that for my veg. Ill get all the clones off my friend for the first one. I am just trying to figure out if I go the 10x20 tent route if its easier to cool the tent or just cool the whole room. The tent would probably be in a living room.

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I am just curious if it would be easier to filter/scrub two 10x10s or one 10x20. Or can you do both just as efficiently?


I dont mind replacing it every grow if needed. Just want to guarantee there is no smell.


If I put the AC in the tent and vent it outside the tent, wont the exhaust air smell?


Other than heat management you can run one into the other then filter the exhaust from the second tent. Your A/C will need to vent the condenser side to the outdoors to reject heat; you can’t put an A/C unit into your tent without a way to reject the heat. It’s best to condition the room air before it goes into your grow space and filter the exhaust through a carbon filter.


In just about everything I’ve done, I’ve found best results controlling air that will be intake for space. Countryboy is your guy though, I would deflect to whatever he suggests.


I was looking at a double duct portable air conditioner to throw inside the tent if I went that route. It would exhaust the warm air outside the tent. Is it better to buy a double duct ac and throw it into the tent or just cool down the room the tent is in?


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I have 8 of the HLG 550 v2 quantum boards.

Wow… That’s all I got right now. I just want 1… Haha sorry guys, back on topic… Wonder if you could run one system and handle both tents… Learning myself.


I would go with to smaller spaces this way you will have options flower in one veg in other
With that said it’s also easier to cool the space the tents or room are located in and use intake and exhaust fans to control tent or room temps and humidity
If you place ac unit inside tent the exhaust will just pulll the air out as fast as the ac can make it
Def buy a dual hose portable ac the single jose ones are not efficient and that why they are cheaper

Tag me when decided what your doing one or two spaces we will size everything up for you


@Countryboyjvd1971 Do you think in a 10x20 tent you could sufficiently cool the tent just by cooling down the room? If its easily doable honestly I would just go the 10x20 route to have both flower rooms together, otherwise Ill end up with3 10x10 tents, 2 for flower and 1 for veg.


How big is the room the tent is in? That’s a big tent.

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