Best way to trans to 12/12

Whats the best way to transition to a 12 on 12 off light sched. I ask because my last black widow photo was goin great and then i started to notice the buds not gettin any bigger but were gettin firmer. Make a long story short dont know if it seeded because i had it in the same tent with an unknown bag seed plant i had started before i got my ILGM seeds. I was sure the bag lady was female, or i just screwed it up. Would a hard switch to 12 and 12 from 18 and 6 cause a plant herm. Back at it with a bruce banner from ILGM at about 45 days from sprout and i gradually moved to 12 and 12 with this one. Also a skywalker o g at 15 days.

Lookin for thoughts.

I went lights out longer to transition from 18/6 to 12/12.

When buds stop growing before they’re suppose too, typically it’s a lack of proper lighting. Just my opinion from being on this forum.

I always just switch straight to 12/12


Yep i agree @Zee ive got the youngster under a 100w LED and bruce banner is under an HLG 240 quantum board.

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I just flip, when I got the veg stage where I want it.

Ive been researching the benefits of a slower transition and also simulating sunrise and set, haven’t tried yet tho.