Best way to start seeds?

My experience is limited to 50 50 mixes of perlite / vermiculite. I’m considering rapid rooters as I don’t want those substances in my environment again.

My question:

Can Rapid Rooters go directly from seedling tray to hydroton in DWC buckets?

What are better options for starting seedlings?


Rapid rooter plugs work awesome they don’t fall apart they are almost like little sponges

Edit: Oops! My bad! I miss read that Donald, I get it now thanks for the input

I actually just put a seedling that was rooted in a rapid rooter plug into my DWC bucket. Her roots are just growing into water! Worked for me!

And on a side note, last week I had put 3 germinated seeds into rapid rooter plugs, and I had another plug that was soaked in pH water so I decided to put a Skunk #1 seed into it just to see if it sprouted. And to my surprise, it did. And it’s just as big as the other seedlings that were already germinated! I normally use paper towel method, but this seems like the new way to do it since I can just put that seedling with its plug directly into my DWC buckets.

And I’m working on making my own mini DWC for clones and seedlings. It’s going to use plugs and neoprene disks. Plugs for seeds, disks for clones. I think I’m going to make a video and do a full thread for it.

…that’s what I like to hear, good reviews! :slight_smile:

thanks for the info

@ktreez420 …what you described sounds a lot like a Clone King? I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick one up soon, I’m also considering a turbo clone, but I don’t believe its little fan justifies it costing over twice the price of the Clone King

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Awesome! I saw them at the grow store and online and they looked like seeds would just love to be in them! glad to hear the good reviews -good luck

add a little superthrive if DWC and you’ll be impressed cheapest root enhancer going and the shit works awesome

P.S don’t use in flower just first half of veg :wink:


Believe it or not I used to use superthrive 30 years ago, great stuff! …also liked Alaskan fish, Olivia’s gel and Eco grow and bloom

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lol not surprised thing with superthrive is it uses auxins which confuse plant in flower hormones say root and lights say bud but the stuff has been on market for decades and works, most other root enhancers are small fortune
My dad used it too lmao

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Honest to god I think my grandad used it on the tomatoes! :slight_smile:

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I like Rapid Roots if running h2o2, liquid karma in recovery and superthrive in bubble cloner

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