Best way to prepare for 85 YO Mom


My mom is 85 and is mentally sharp but her body is really hurting. She has arthritis, back pain, insomnia and general depression. She keeps asking for an OXY prescription but I keep telling her lets try an alternative as in cannabis to which she agrees.

I’m almost positive she isn’t going to smoke a bowl although she may vape…but not certain of that. I think my best bet is to make a tincture and put a few drops under her tongue. I’m asking the ILGM community if {you} have faced a scenario like this, and if so, what was the best resolution.

Personally, I’d like to make a tincture and use a glycol base to try in a vape pen for myself. Never used one, but if am making tinctures for Mom, then I’d be pretty close to accomplishing both goals.

Thanks for ANY feedback.

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You could also bake canna cookies. Has she ever tried weed before? I suppose you don’t want to get her too high.


She tried some with my sister but complained the smoke made her house stink and she dislikes smoking in general. Vape has low odor in comparison so I may buy a vape pen for myself and let her try it.

Edibles is a good idea and I’ll look into trying this for her. A good old fashioned tincture under her tongue may be a solution but it takes a lot of weed to make a small amount. Hopefully one day soon I’ll have the weed to spare.

No, I don’t want her to feel stoned and get nervous. I just want to take her pain away allowing her to feel as normal as possible in the process. My fear with an OXY prescription is she may be wobbly and fall in the night breaking a hip forcing me to make choices about her future.


Opioids also cause other issues that may not be very well tolerated by 85 yo’s. I commend you efforts to keep her off the drug. Even if it doesn’t help, she’ll never forget your efforts!!


I recoil very firmly when she asks for opiates. I think the list of issues is a mile long, and with long term usage, addiction almost guaranteed. She claims at 85…so what if I get hooked. I disagree. Add to this they are a depressant while cannabis can be a mood stabilizer or enhancer. PLUS there is no physiological risk of addiction that I am aware of.

I’m sure I am preaching to the choir on ILGM, but natural alternatives are such a logical choice. I bet the major pharmaceutical companies would lynch me as a heretic.


My wife recently got her medical card and you can’t smoke weed but vape is legal I think it’s great but quite potent if you do try vape start with one smaller hit first. It also seems like it expands after you inhale so be careful of larger hits. But you can adjust the effects by length of hit. One dose is 3 second hit but I would recommend 1 hit to start with. It does seem to help with pain and some other things but still new to it and working on getting dosage adjusted


Good info @dbld55. If I do make a tincture with a glycol base to use in a vape pen, I’ll be sure to learn the proper usage/dose before turning it over to her.

BTW…do you have any suggestions for a vape pen to try? They range in price wildly, and I frankly would not know a good one from a rip-off. Does the one your wife uses meet your needs in terms of quality and ease of use?


You could also try making some topical rubs using cannabis…think: Weed Bengay. :grinning:


I have definitely thought about salves but I need to do another grow. My first grow went good but not enough yield


I’m super new and don’t know a lot about dosages, but I would vote for edibles. I’ve been around a lot of old people and I don’t think I’ve ever met one that didn’t like sweets.


I work with 3 people and help them ease their pain.

2 like salve that I make with infused oil, olive and coconut, beeswax and some vit E and good smelling essential oil. applied to sore hands and hips. Both parties say it helps a lot , although they still have some discomfort, it is much better.
Look into salve recipes online.
One has upped it to a tincture I make with everclear and trim. We started with cookies that I made with 1 oz of trim to 1 lb of butter. Those worked for about a year. He has found the tincture too strong, so he is cutting it with water. That is good, as he had room to increase the dosage.
good luck. For those it helps, I have heard the words life changing… I hope you can too.


This thread has some good salve info & some discussion about tinctures & such, as well.

I Make capsules with great results


You could also make canna capsules…
I just decarb and grind and put into pills… works like a charm… it’s like smoking a 1/4 of a joint , but it’s not fattening in anyway… like edibles… which I love …
And it’s easy to make different dosages for different people… simply fill it to desired dosage. … :wink:

The lotions work really good as well for sore joints and cuts and dry hands… pretty much everything… :wink:



i use three 750mg caps in the morn,afternoon,and night! lol


I like the old pot brownies. Of course when I make them, I dont get off the couch for 3 days and I dont have any left…