Best way to pay?


Setting up the coinbase account is a pain in the ass. Security is strict… multiple identity verification steps… once set up, you are good to go for future bitcoin purchases or transfers


Yes, that part sounds simple enough, and I already have the account set up. The part that isn’t clear is - where/how am I supposed to put money into the account to then be used for purchases later? Do I purchase x amount of cryptocurrency and let it sit there until I need to use it?


You can but it never remains constant. $100 could turn into $90 overnight. Could also turn to $110. Depends on the market.

If your account is verified with coinbase, you can purchase bitcoins then immediately send to ILGM for payment…


I used my MC CC twice, no issues.


Perfect - thank you for the help.


Most welcome :metal::sunglasses:


I used Zelle. Was very fast delivery, so fast in fact that the seeds i got (ILGM)
Sat in mailbox for a day. I live in VA. Only 2 days from pay to mailbox.
Too fast…


I used zelle twice. Very fast and no problems.