Best way to lower the ph in soil with a plant already in it?

I finally got my PH tester and the PH in my soil is too high. What’s the best option to fix that? Thanks!

Water at the correct pH from here on. You could water with a little lower pH than you want a few times to get it down faster. If that doesn’t work or it way out of range you could flush it with water at the correct pH. If you do flush follow it with a feeding at 1/4 or 1/2 strength.

Just wondering how did you test it?
What kind of meter did you get?


And what does the plant look like? Is there a problem today? or just comming soon?
Pictures and the support ticket will assist all, just saying. Happy New Year!

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You can use a water solution that is lower to flush the ph down with.

I’m wondering if its a meter with probes in the dirt like this…

Because these are notoriously wrong all the time.

I have a water tester coming in a few days, but this is what I have right now. I’ve been watering with tap water and we have really hard water here in AZ. I’m going to buy a RO system to put under a sink that’s 100 GPH.

I would wait until the new ph meter comes. As mentioned that type of meter is not reliable. You don’t want to be chasing something that isn’t there. When your new meter arrives, calibrate it if instructed to do so, ph the water or feed solution, and then check the ph of the runoff.


Overall the plant looks fine. Community has you covered good luck. :+1: