Best way to keep plants cool in a tent?

I’m having to relocate my plants to a warmer room and with summer approaching i’m thinking i’ll have to install something to enforce the temperature to stay below 80 degrees.

I have my plants in tents in a room with it’s own AC.

I use A C as a matter of fact i’em using now…works great!


There’s no AC in my Garage. Any Ideas?

Not being a smart ass…but go buy one is a good idea and set it up in your garage. They have ones that you don’t need any windows.


I can think of all kinds of things depending on your setup. If the garage is attached to the house, AC can be fan directed to the garage. That’ll run up the electric more than buying a portable ac and setting it up in the garage.

Reverse the lights and run them at night instead of all day. A lot depends on what kind of ambient temperature you average where you live.

I think Garrigan’s got the best idea. It’s what I’d do.

I like that idea. If you have any type specific for this purpose please link it i’ll do some research. Thank you.