Best way to grow regular seeds?

Anyone have a method to grow regular seeds that doesn’t have me going through soil like crazy? And dwc isn’t really a choice at the moment. Would I be able to use 1 gallon pots then transplant until they show sex? Or how should I go about it? Currently growing some in solo cups but I think they are root bound. Whoops :sweat:

I’ve seen most cultivators keep them in solo or slightly bigger containers until they start showing their sex, mainly to save on medium. Can’t go wrong with a 1 gallon pot just more medium to use or re-use if it’s a male :love_you_gesture:


@kaptain3d has posted images where he takes solo grows out of the cup and chops the roots down by 1/2 and adds soil back into the cup. That could unbound them until the identify.


When i grow regs i start in solos then move to 1 gallon pots after about 3 weeks where they stay till they show sex a good method also to show sex is to change to a 12/12 cycle they should show sex within 1 week sometimes a little longer then once you find your gal’s and cull the males switch back to 18/6 until your at your desired height youd like your plants there are also dna sex testing you can do as well typically cost about 15 bones per plant you cut a small piece of leaf and mail it in they send ypur results via email you then cull the males out save time,soil,nutes but obviously cost money



1st start a compost pile

2nd raise chickens

One gallon pots get you to sign of sex.

Transplant to three gallon pots.

Bacto soil is ten bucks a 50lb bag, magnesium, calcium nitrate, any organic dry fertilizer say 10-10-10, basic slag, dash of lime, earthworms. Cheap but effective.

A loupe to see sex, look around the 5th node.

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Sexed out MALE at under 7 inches.

So best way to grow regular seeds, get seeds, germinate, get males and females, have orgy.
Just know, it sucks destroying a pound of buds, to mine for seeds. However, Keife, is a new world and smoke experience for those sitting on a sack of seed.

Seeds found inside, from the Summer 2022 PNW-island orgy.

I spent the summer collecting seeds. 10 ft sunflower gave me these.

I’m growing a couple regular seeds this run and have been wondering the same. They have been in veg for about a month. I heard you can take an unroofed clone and flip it to flower if you have a separate light. Anyone know about this method or perhaps another one I want to find out if these are males or not.

heard you can take an unroofed clone and flip it to flower.

:point_up_2: I’ve never done this but would assume it would take just as long or longer coming from an inmature mother who hasn’t showed sex yet?? 6 weeks is usually the norm I’ve experienced :love_you_gesture:

I’m just gonna send it in for testing. I had no idea they were so cheap. At 15$ a pop I’m excited as I can grow more regular seeds now


15$ for the sex testing. Anyone use this before and what service?

Not a bad price :love_you_gesture:

So I’m reading you can actually tell sex at about 6 weeks in veg from the pre flowers. Now im on week 5 going on 6 in my veg tent, can anyone tell if these are male or female yet?

Plant one - mandarin Cookies-

Plant #2 mandarin Cooke-

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Hard for my old eyes to tell from the pics Growmie but look for 2 hairs in the pic I circled :love_you_gesture:

Here’s a pic I took from one of mine close to coming up on preflower :love_you_gesture:

The two hairs mean female?

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Does anyone think it’s even worth it to test at this point? I mean it will take atleast a week to get result but at that point I’m thinking I’ll have visual identifiers to determine sex. What does everyone think?

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Yes 2 hairs :love_you_gesture:. Personally with you so close I would ride them out

That’s what I was thinking, good to know for next time. I plan on growing regular seeds from here on out cause I want to get some genetics I like, keep them, and continue to clone them for every run. From what I understand feminized plants are not ideal for cloning.

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