Best way to get into the cannabis industry?

Im not sure if this would even be the place to put this but I know everyone on here is helpful or at least point people in the right direction. So I was just wondering I’m in PA and what is the best way to get into the cannabis industry as far as cultivating, especially if it isn’t recreational yet. There isn’t much out there to help anyone stand out other then having a horticultural degree. I was thinking just documenting grows and keeping just a log of everything with pictures to show for work experience?

Any other thoughts or help would be amazing :+1:t3::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I think you are on the right track. I have been looking into this, thinking what can I offer this booming business? I found out one of my medical dispensaries are women owned, operated, grown, and even processed. When they found out I grow and my interest in medical strains they want me to grow for them. I have applied for my personal grow license. (Kind of held off on that, we have to have both a medical card to buy in my state and if I want to grow legally a license for that. I am researching my producers license now. But figure I live in a residential area, even with close to two acres and we could build a heck of a metal shop to grow in, but doubt I can get a producters at this location. There is an old grow building in town for $275,000. It is set up for equipment but nothing but the shell now. So add another cost of equipment and set up. But we are looking to move in a couple of years and will get something remote further out and no worries of grow restrictions according to zoning.

For now, I keep records of my grows. I research, research, research strains and genetics and promised properties. I notice how the herb helps my own chronic pain, chronic nausea, PTSD, etc. If we were to develop a strain it takes research to see that it is has not been done before, it is not just a name novelty althought that sells well, I mean I would rather buy Grape God than something called XJ-13 :rofl: but aside, look further back and have an idea of why I would even develop this strain and look hard at the tried and true strains.

I look at the way we consume and the convenience and think, what item would make this easier for say elderly to consume and use? Just all sorts of things like that.

We were talking last night that it is a crying shame that something that can be produced at relatively ‘simple’ (don’t laugh but until you have grown up dry land cotton farming this is a more guaranteed crop) is just killed by the massive fees and licensing and red tape required to grow it. Very little space can produce a whole lot of marketable crop.

Btw, I thought of getting a horticulture degree and even going to Pueblo, CO for the degree in marijuana, but after looking realized I could gather the knowledge I needed without the degree, at least the horticulture part. By reading, growing, experimenting, etc., I would learn just as much if not more than a semester of growing would tell me. With the internet and if you are self starter, sitting in a classroom is just a waste of time, at least for me nearing 56 years old. Now, that said, all my uni chemistry classes are actually helping a bit with the hydroponic part of this.