Best way to germinate the female seeds?

How can I germinate the seeds? I’ve done plastic bag method and doesn’t go well. Heard about the water method and been wanting to learn how to do it. Will a tap water with an air pump helps? The air pump has a air stone to create a mini bubbles for oxygen and maybe that will help boost them up before transferring it to a new soil and fabric pot.

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With an oz or 2 of water and a few drops of peroxide. Add seeds. Put this in a warm-ish place and cover so the seeds are in black out. I pull after 24 hours and plant in a medium that’s already damp, not dripping. Usually they’ve split by this point but even if they haven’t they usually still grow. If the seeds are viable it’s a solid method. I have a 98% germination rate utilizing this method. I usually drop mine in a small black saucer on a heat mat and use another saucer to cover it. I also used zero water/distilled/r.o. Bottled purified water would work. I’m sure tap would even work.


I use a medicine cup that comes with Robitussin or NyQuil. Fill with distilled water, and add a couple drops of 3% peroxide. Warm dark place, then either at 18 hours, or when it cracks, I go to a paper towel on a plate. Place seeds, fold paper towel over once, then dump the water I soaked over it and back in warm dark place. When the root tail starts coming out, drop about ¾" in the dirt and cover. In the dirt within 36 hours or so.


I go direct to Soil, add a little water in 2-4 days you will see it break the surface: :100:


In the dirt under a 600 watt MH


I do the same as @Borderryan22 :point_up_2: