Best way to dry/cure, how much can I expect?

A question from a fellow grower:

 I've had my fair share of outdoor grows with limited success  and seen a couple indoor grows. However I live in a place where it's is still illegal. If I was to grow as much as I could in a 9x9 area, with ideal conditions and equipment. I would expect to yield approx 4-6 U.S. pounds of green/wet bud.

How is the best way to dry and then cure that much bud in a house. Without the entire neighborhood knowing. And how much dried and and cured bud would I expect to get?

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My personal choice would, and will be carbon filters attached to the ventillation. That’s what I’ll be using.

From all I’ve seen / heard, you can expect dry weight to be roughly ~75 - 80% lighter after drying / curing. (Those are the numbers I’ve seen others posting, as well as results from other I know.)

Drying bud is like anything else,You only get what you put into it. The average buds take about 7-10 days to dry,with a lite and I mean lite brease in the background . ( depending on humidity) When your buds are crunchy,but not crispy, your ready to go. Forget about that dehydrator,dryice,oven etc… You spent 2-3 months growing, dont screw it up by being in a hurry. I have been growing for about 8 yrs,Trust me. Luckywun.

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Always expect the dried herb to be approx. 25% of the wet, just cut weight.